Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Snow Snow Snow and Leonine March!

March roars in like a lion, indeed!

Snowed at the coast yesterday, and this is the second day running that we have snow stuck.. Although the trees are now unladen, we still have about 3" inches.

It's quite a late storm, and I am hoping it will kill off the borer beetles, biting flies, fleas and ticks. Not sure about the slugs, I have to get a bag of Iron Phosphate just in case, but I am hoping they are not as nasty as they were LAST year!

And although I am a tad late, today I am going to start my tomato seeds. I know, that sounds funny! Snow on the ground, high of 48* and I'm going to start my TOMATOES??? But if I don't get the wee seedlings started, they won't be sturdy enough to put out come Mother's Day, and I have some BEAUTIES! I saved some seed from my Peach Blow, and my Amana Orange both large heritage tomatoes which are REALLY TASTY! Both are sharp-sweet, and juicy both longer season, so I have to get 'em going!

I wonder what kind of a gardening season we're going to have this year?
I wonder what kind of a year is ahead of me?
I wonder if I'll be able to finally get my surgery done?