Monday, November 28, 2016

Dreams and Memories, Memories and Dreams

Last night I dreamed of Vince & Sam. This song sang in the background... I had forgotten my alarm clock, and as I went back to get fetch it, I turned the corner, and Vinnie was hurrying off to some destination or another.. When I flew into his arms crying, he held me at arm's length and said "What's the matter with you?" I told him I missed him. He said he was busy. I sat and cried. Then Sam came over, with his sly adorable grin, like "I have a secret" He motioned me over, and slipped a tab of LSD on his tongue and told me"I don't want the others to see it, they wouldn't understand" and then he smiled that beautific golden smile of his... I told him about seeing Vinnie and how sad I was, and how much I missed both of them.... Sam told me that Vinnie didn't know he was dead, so he was busy trying to learn the work he had put off while he was living... But that he, Sam, KNEW he was on the other side.. He told me not to be so sad, because he was always at my shoulder, always with me, and...and ... and ...


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So where do we go? Where do we go from here? The Exit Polls

There's a lot to be learned from this unless we just want to roll up into little sow bug balls and wait for the next round of misogynist, racist, homophobic, frightened isolationist Nationalist stomping and blow torch fiddling comes upon our necks....

Because this is important. If we are going to find a more inclusive way, we need to address these issues.
I found this one pretty telling tho:
37% Hillary
58% Trump
How do we get a handle on that ?
Really a serious confusion how my generation has gotten so crazy conservative.. Guess it's true, "We got ours so screw you" :'( I remember thinking that of my parents' and grandparents' generation. I thought we were enlightened. Apparently not-so-much :'( OUCH how arrogant of me
53% of 45 years and up were Trump supporters. :O
and rethink the whole education thang, that's just not holding true. ONLY in higher education (Postgraduate study) did Hillary reach the majority. It was pretty much half and half from everything below the post graduate level.

Really very interesting. Hey Younger Generation! Those is us who are actually enlightened are depending on y'all to drag us out of the gutter we just Voted ourselves into.


Hate Trumps Love and Decency

Hate Trumps Love and Decency~

well, we did it. 'Murika says Hey the rest of you non-white non-Protestant Christian douche canoes, fuck off. We hate politics sooooooooo much, that we are willing to burning the Motherfucking Country to the ground.

So yeah, let's do this thing.
and to every single person who voted for Trump not because they believed in him but because they "hated the Clinton bitch"?
fuck you
and to every single person who voted for Trump not because they believed in his policies but because they just wanted to say Fuck you to politics?
fuck you
and to every single person who voted for a third party candidate "because no one else was exactly what I wanted and bernie didn't win"
fuck you

because you didn't just say fuck you to politics, you said fuck you to your neighbors and everyone else who isn't straight white male.

(and make sure you 3rd party Voters who DIDN'T vote FOR someone but AGAINST someone, please note how many states that went Trumped where Hillary lost EXACTLY by how much the 3rd party spoilers got)

So just because it'll be interesting to go back in four years and say : "See? I told you so"

Here are some facts about our new President:


Donald Trump: Three decades 4,095 lawsuits

Federal Lawsuits:

What Happens to Civil Lawsuits Filed Against President-Elect Trump?

Scandals: Promises:

For my friends who woke up afraid in this regression of humanity, I'm with you. I pray we survive.

and THIS by the New Yorker:

An American Tragedy. Honest to God, they will be studying this defilement as an example of the worst kind for decades.