Thursday, September 6, 2012

In regards to a Huff Post article I read regarding President Obama's "broken promises", Campaign Finances promisesI responded. My response is below. You know, I find it very disturbing that even tho the GOP has been VERY public that their NUMBER ONE priority has been to ensure that President Obama does not get a second term, that many of my fellow Progressives are playing RIGHT into their grubby little mittens by playing the blame game. YES it would have lovely if President Obama had been able to keep all the promises he made to correct many of the things that WE have ALLOWED to occur -by our Votes, and by our complacency- but considering what a STRONG Obstructionist Party the GOP has been, he has achieved an ENORMOUS amount of positive change. Just not EVERYTHING we wished. Give him 4 more years and a Congress who is willing to work WITH him and knows what the term COMPROMISE means, and just stand back and watch his AND AMERICA'S smoke. I BELIEVE. What all these naysayers are saying is that we all expected Christ-like miracles, rather than the progressive good works of a HUMAN. I don't know how it was for all of you who are calling for Mr.Obama's head, but MY life has gotten CONSIDERABLY better under Obama's watch. Obama's 1st term is a statement of how hard he's worked and how dedicated he is to our Country that he was able to do ANYTHING AT ALL. I have FAITH in the progressive ideals which are in the best interests of America. I continue to have Faith in my President. ********************************* *shakes my head* I simply do not understand how IMPATIENT people can be. WE helped get us to the mess that President Obama inherited, by our Votes, by our ignorance, by our willingness to be Sheeple and not THINK CRITICALLY. So if you are not registered to Vote, GET REGISTERED. If you are having troubles getting registered, try this website: Register to Vote if you think your Voice doesn't matter, and you don't want to bother Voting, then you have given up your right to complain about ANYTHING!!!! regarding how America is being run. Talk to the paw, cuz the heart ain't listening! This is an EXTREMELY important election. It is an AMERICAN RESPONSIBILITY which should NEVER be taken for granted. If you are a WOMAN, then you REALLY need to Vote Democratic, because our Rights are being shorn away.. Rights that other women gave their lives up for us to procure! RESPECT THOSE BRAVE WOMEN and VOTE. If you Vote the GOP ticket as a woman, I hope you never need any birth control, I hope you NEVER need any health care, I hope you NEVER expect equal wages for the same job. BUT! I digress. The IMPORTANT THING is to VOTE. Make your voice known. BE INVOLVED. TAKE CONTROL of your destiny, do not be complacent ! RAGE! RAGE! Against the dying of the Light, against the dying of the American Dream! DO NOT go easy into that good night. >^,,^<