Monday, December 12, 2016

False Flags, Conspiracies, McCarthyism and the Trump Administration

Let me share with you a bit of history.
What Bolton is doing is called "McCarthyism"
"McCarthy capitalized on national paranoia by proclaiming that communist spies were omnipresent and that he was America's only salvation."
Sound familiar?
“I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves,” Donald Trump said in his convention speech. “Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”
Watch these videos.
March 9, 1954 was when Edward R. Murrow exposed Joseph McCarthy the bigoted racist hate monger
McCarthy caused the death of many people by badgering them and smearing their reputations.
What Trump has done throughout his campaign is the same. Ask snide unrelated questions such as "Do you still beat your wife?" and then step back as the accused tries to prove their innocence. Now look at that sentence:
If you say "No" it indicates that you used to beat your wife.
If you say "Yes" it indicates that you still beat your wife.
EITHER WAY you are painted as a wife beater, without the ability to prove your innocence. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T PROVE INNOCENCE.
Examples of Trump's brand of McCarthyism:
“I don't know his father. I met him once. I think he's a lovely guy,” Trump said at a morning-after rally in Cleveland. “All I did is point out the fact that on the cover of the National Enquirer there was a picture of him and crazy Lee Harvey Oswald having breakfast.”…/pants-fire-claim-ted-cruz-neve…/
Trump's 74 question "Transition Questionnaire" for the Dept of Energy is interesting as well.…/climate-change-energy-department-d…
(Please note that Trump's lawyer, Roy Cohn, was McCarthy's aid during the Senate Hearings for Communism purging)…/politi…/donald-trump-roy-cohn.html…
John Bolton - the man Trump has tapped for the #2 spot in the State Department- implies that the CIA is lying, (but the FBI is doing their job well. Because e-mails) and implies that the Obama Administration "could be the ones responsible" (Because "we just don't know")
“It is not at all clear to me, just viewing this from the outside, that this hacking into the [Democratic National Committee] and the [Republican National Committee] was not a false flag operation,” he told Fox News’s Eric Shawn on Sunday.
When pressed about his use of the phrase “false flag” and whether he was accusing an entity in the U.S. of involvement, Bolton said, “We just don’t know.”
“But I believe that intelligence has been politicized in the Obama administration to a very significant degree.”"…/309897-bolton-questions-if-russian-hac…
The GOP has acted in a craven cowardly manner. Senator Margaret Chase Smith of Maine, In 1950, told the Senate she feared “national suicide and the end of everything that we Americans hold dear.” Speaking as a Republican, a woman, a United States Senator, and as an American, Smith charged that the Senate had been “debased to the level of a forum of hate and character assassination sheltered by the shield of congressional immunity” and unable to tolerate “self-criticism and self-appraisal.” She worried “Those of us who shout the loudest about Americanism in making character assassinations are all too frequently those who, by our own words and acts, ignore some of the basic principles of Americanism: The right to criticize; The right to hold unpopular beliefs; The right to protest; The right of independent thought.”
We are waiting for a few good men and women to come to the aid of their Country.
Bolton is not one of them.