Monday, October 14, 2013


I watched a group of lovely women gather, good friends since the 80's they told me And they laughed and chattered and giggled like school children and oh.... my .... God... I was so jealous. So I offered to take their picture as  group, knowing the small kindness would help ease my sorrow. And it did.

I'm coming up on my 16th anniversary. And two weeks after that, the .. *anniversary* -what a terrible word- of my husband's death.

And oh my God I miss him. He left me, sneaking out in the middle of the night like a coward, like a little boy sneaking back home to his Mama who will tell him how evil I was, how I poisoned him. How I was his killer. And that was his pattern, leaving every five or seven years in the middle of the night with a note,... I was his Good Bye Girl, and damn me to Hell, I was absolutely incapable of saying NO to my Love, to my Heart to my Soul... And now that he's gone, with no closure.. every year around this time my heart gets yanked out of me and ground down into the dust of .. what. Loneliness? Is that all it is?

So never tell me how sad your life is because you do not have someone to support you. Never say that. You  who have your special someone, you have your Family, you have a support group which you have built from your childhood ...

Mine are all behind me. Lost lost thousands of miles south, my Family, my Tribe.

And I know I'm going to die just like my Grammy. Alone. Lonely. Heart sick with a brave face and a smile plastered across my my cheeks .. No No, I'm cool, I'm OK. See? I'm smiling.

and my words will not linger past the last dead leaf swept into the gutter.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

I am sometimes, when I reach beyond myself and dare to touch farther than I should, amazed... astonished... breathless and delighted at how small this beautiful world can be if we just dare to reach out.. Each and every one of you that I have found, refound, newly found and always found are like scents on a breeze in a meadow ... a crazy quilt of musk and sharp and bitter and sweet all blending to exponentially more than the sum of our parts.. Like a quantum physics of friendship..  Like the mapcap meshing of mismatched metaphores that make a crazy kind of logic. 



Friday, August 30, 2013

Wild Women With Power Tools

So, my work has been an interesting progression and education.

One think I have learned how to do, out of necessity, was learn how to run the tractor, how to load people up with their rock and their bark dust and their compost.
I didn't get any TRAINING, mind you, I got put up on the big tractor and Linda pointed at various levels and switches told me how to start it, and then, when I wasn't looking, shoved it into "fast" and said "Go Drive". Robb was a little kinder with the Skidster ( a miniature tractor). I now have a driver's license (what I started with) and the most rudimentary of instruction.

And I'm good! Maybe too good, cuz Bosses tend to expect you to continue to achieve miracles if once you attain that level. So there comes a day when everyone leaves me there all alone (what's new) and the REAL truck driver/scooper/construction folk leaves the bucket (what we scoop product up with) off, and the forks on.


Well, the first time this happens and we get a customer who needs a scoop, I wound up, in attempting to get the bucket back ON the tractor, blocking the backdoor with the scoop pressed up against it as I was trying to "scoop" the hangers under the hinges and wound up shoving the bucket against the door.

OH yeah, wild women with power tools, did I mention thaT?

OK, so Ryan shows me the trick of tipping the hinges straight down to scoop up the hangers. Works great.

Repeat scenario above.

I *grumble* out to the Skidster, *dagnabbit why can't they leave the dadbloomed bucket on when they all leave me here all alone to do the job of three grown men*


I drop the forks, go fetch up the bucket .. I do it just the way he told me to, I swear...

I SWEAR I do not remember him saying anything about those pegs at the bottom the hangers that the locks lock in.. I swear.

So I jumped on the connection, I wiggled (or tried to) the bucket, I made sure the locks were tight (slipped locking the second one and smashed my knee --all black and blue--) and lifted the bucket up and tried to waggle it. But I didn't "empty it out" tip it all the forward to inspect whether the pegs that I didn't know (or didn't remember if he DID tell me!) needed to be locked in, were.

I say to myself, "Self!" I said "Bucket's on. Let's load!" I go fetch up a full bucket nice and neat as you please of fresh fir barkdust position myself at a "T" to this young fellow's work truck, oh man, I have my groove on, I am a Skidster-drivin' foo' ... I bring the bucket up over my head, six seven eight feet up in the air, I line up the guy's truck bed, not too far forward, not over the tailgate, not over the cab...It's bootiful. I tip it forward, back, position it, and start to tip the load forward.. Half of the load goes in, it's perfect, it's beautiful, and ... then .... *THUNK*
The guys tires take a foot plunge downwards.
I am confused, and I am sure, the look on my face can only be described as "utterly clueless". *blink*blink*
I look up at my scoop, and...
it's gone.
I look in the bed of this guy's truck, and ...
it's there.
I look at the guy.
He looks at me.
I am not kidding, *oh shit*Pardon my language but *shit*shit*shit*shit*shit* OH MY GOD!"

I call my boss.
"Tim, you gotta call me back, the bucket fell off the skidster into some guy's truck and I can't get it out."

(I've fallen and I can't get up. I am still cursing beneath my breath in a stunned revelry)

Meanwhile, there are some other customers standing around waiting for me to write up their orders, take their money ...
scoop them up some barkdust ,...
So I excuse myself and run and take care of those folks,
"Did you see that?" "Oh don't worry dear, these things happen".


You mean in real life this kind of stuff happens??? *blink*blink* is this thing on?

My boss asks me, in passing, "Hey, Kat, check the bucket, will ya?"
and laughs quite loudly. I'll never live it down.

Kinker of Tails EXtraordinaire!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sometimes I feel like the World just opened up and embraced me. When I chat with friends that I SWEAR I have known for years, what do you mean we've never met?? that just happen to be living in Australia, or Ireland, or Scotland, or England. When I realize that I'm setting up a Guild Raid with a US Pilot in Afghanistan who's really a gnome caster in real life, he just moonlights as a Hero who rescues people in a helicopter. When I get good life-saving advice on my sick cat from a collection of Kitteh LOL Speaking fans who work as Exotic Pet Technicians during the daylight hours. When I realize that a friend I've never met but I KNOW!! and have yukked it up with for years had to be interviewed after the Boston Bombing because he was an eye witness. 

And sometimes the only thing between me and darkness are the faces & the voices of people I've never had the opportunity to hug in real life, and the sure and certain knowledge that I am Not Alone. 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Remember Fondly ~ A Blast from the Past from EverQuest

I Remember Fondly

A Blast from the Past from EverQuest

Something posted in the guild only area of the message board made me think...... why not start a thread were we list people we remember..... who have left both SoF & the game or were not in SoF but you remember them. If you have someone you remember (preferably fondly) this could be the place where they   could be remembered & acknowledged. 

Feel free to post as many times as you want although it would be nice to not just list a name but also what memories the name conjures, perhaps how they impacted your game play and anything else you'd like. I will leave this initial post without a name but intend to acknowledge a few fondly remembered characters by acknowledging your posts or adding my own to what I expect may be a growing list.

While the danger of such a thread is that someone in our respective pasts may feel smitten if their name is not posted.
 Crying or Very sadFor those who know some of our SoF members this is more likely because some may take a while before this thread is even discovered or acted upon. Rolling Eyes Worse yet some of our members have memory that is the size of a gnomes pinky Embarassed which is why our raid and class leaders have to give the same instructions 2-3 times before each engagement and hand walk some of the guilds members to staging areas if they seem daized. 

Dadruss Lvl 75 Cleric

Wyndaser and I learned Veksar together and hung around there killing the undead for quite a few lvls, till Rl caught up and she and her husband needed to leave the game. 

Mclearn (spelling) just like grouping with him, always made me think boy he makes this look easy.

Oghie becuase I really like how hard he played the game and well was always fun to talk to.

Lewis (again spelling) - Was someone that helped me with my shard farming, was the first person that showed me what a wizard-necro combination could do to 100K mobs

And there are a couple of others that I hung around with but I can not remember their game names, will try and rember and post them.


Most people currently in SoF won't remember him but he was a member. Despite the fact that he was suffering from an incurable disease that was sapping him of all his energy and killing him, he always had a virtual smile on and never complained about his situation. In fact, most of the guild probably didn't even know he was sick until after we lost him. He was an inspiration to me and many others who got to know him.

He passed away in his early 20s.. barely having a chance to live life.
Wolfdanser~ Favorite Tailkinker

AH Thanks, Jus, I was trying to remember his game-name. 
Masta was a delight and a pleasure to have known. He always had a kind and gentle word for everyone, with a delightful sense of humor. I was online when the word came down.
 Celebrate Masta wherever you are! 

Kennan and Caballo, two of SoF's founders. Taught me how to kite (so you can blame them)

Balkamp! OH MY WORD That Barbarian sure had nice legs....
 Evil or Very Mad 

Daconia, OH the times we had, Dac saving my butt from places I had NO business being in, but was at because I had the port....

Marilyth. He & Kiv could do puns at eighty paces like no one in this galaxy.


Dugann. He's still ingame, but I miss him in /GU

SOOO many people Vinc & I have met in the past seven years, what a lovely lovely thread. :wistful: &

Aww I enjoy reading about your fondly remembered people Smile Thanks for posting this thread Dadruss! 
The first person I ever met in this game was a kickass mage named StormDancer. She had an alt at my level (this was when Skelliqueen my necro was my main) and she walked me through a lot of the basics. We became great friends! She used to look out for Angil too, making sure I got to group every day with her and her husband. She was like a sister to me. She left game because she had a baby and moved to a city with only dial-up! LOL
Another little hot mage was Ibeni... that little gnome (who was always in Dark Elf illusion) was so excellent! Her rogue Nenian and I used to shred Ldon's every week! Ah the memories! She had 6 accounts and sold them all for WoW...
I've had a lot of great people I've met over the years and despite them having either left game, or moved servers, their characters are still on my friends list.
Angil OfMercy


Thank you for posting about Mastashreda. He was a great in game friend of mine who I miss and think of often. You are right he did hide his disease with a grace and strength few people have. I did not know about his disease until afterwards but like you said he ALWAYS had a smile in game that made you enjoy being around him. He will always be the #1 necro in SoF regardless of what any listing/ranking ever shows.

Kirea, I miss her 

Zamanthia,, Such a sweetheart

Oyee, One great friend.

And so many more that we in Sof when I was here before. The good times are hard to forget.
Few that come to mind first (I'm sure there will be others) 

Nugent; a druid that was always going out of his way to help people and our raids. Met him personally when he came to the west coast at my house along with another old friend named. Nuge became disenchanted with the Druid class & drifted from the game. He asked me to liquidate his account and make a sizable donation to SoF.

Panas "Pants" a ranger who also was very personable and drifted from EQ about two years ago.

Tazer? Who was it that used to have a weird thing that he would say... yelp.... in /gu or /ooc when he came into the zone was it Tazer (spelling) he would go;

"Spoooooooooooon" or some such thing? Used to make me chuckle some each time I saw it.

ICBash. Nice guy. Warrior we talked a few times on the phone. Very personable.

Balludar  ~ Captain No Pants~
I miss the old Order of Balance crew; Keaian, Cynnara, Soram, Durendanna and so many others. They were my first real guild family and the stuff we did with such a small group of people was simply amazing. I really miss the days when the game had that intrinsic excitement that never seemed to go away.


to name a few i miss i will start with the Thanatopsis Order crew. 

Bubbles (Bubkuk) was an awesome leader and friend. and i will never forget kicking his butt infront of the guild in our first royal rumble.

Xxandralo/Draxxalon awesome chanter / monk . he was also the person that took this old druid/monk from the depths of despair being 1 of the few remaining people running around EQ with a Griffin claw flag and giving me a home.

Fierina ... what can i say?!? she was a friend that was always there to lend a hand. i owe her sooo much for the good times we had jut running around and smacking stuff.

Motrain .. omg .. who could forget General MoMo?? it was insane watching him be the ch rotation when we were clearing NToV . and as for leadership .. he was on point.

 Crying or Very sad she was 1 of the first people i met on prexus. i was but a lowly druid that had just been invited to join GC under the RL friend clause and she was always there to help. even to just sit and talk was always a pleasure. she will sorely be missed. 

Thenol. this is 1 of the craziest druids i ever met. as i remember it our first encounter was her yelling at me to sit still while she tracked me across Gfay. she taught me what it was to be a druid.

Billyjak. what can i say. this was the first awesome monk i ever saw. not because he had great gear but because he knew how to be a monk and was really good at it. he loved helping people and took pride in wearing is black sash we raided to get for him.

Ghostmark/skyshadow. this father daughter team was aces in my book. how can anyone that was blessed with their presence ever doubt that they cared for people.Ghostmark stodd his ground in Castle Mistmore when my poor druid died on 1 of our miniraids and kept everything safe till i could get rezz'd back in. at the time i was but a lowbie lvl 20 something in GC's lowraiders.

Katarn. this was my buddy. back in the day Katarn and myself would duo all over the place. if nothing else we would go tear apart CoM and split the loot

Missty. this mage was my reason for playing EQ. i spent hours at his house IRL watching the antics of the game and asking what is that how do you do that .. and he convinced me to try it out.

Kuzain. for someone to be this passionate about the RP aspect of the game is just amazing. she always put a smile on my face when i talked to her. no matter what was going on she always seemed in good spirits.

well i am rambling and i could go on for days so i'll cut it there for now.. if i missed you i am sorry but i am not even close to done with al the people i knew and truly miss from this game.

to those i knew i /salute.. to those i didn't /wave /smile


Tileren- Hands down the most humble, fair, and generally nicest person in and out of game. He was a founding member of Harmony of Souls, and was a good friend to all that knew him. Rest in peace.

Barrac- A retired guildie, my sponsor, and an all around good guy. I hope you get more playtime in the future.

Isknaed- My first SoF buddy. He disappeared after posting that he was recovering from a harrowing car crash. I hope you are well where ever you are.

Balkamp! OH MY WORD That Barbarian sure had nice legs.... Evil or Very Mad 

Raids just aren't the same without Balkamp running around pantsless throwing his
 Slime Coated Harpoon at mobs and losing it forever.

Hehe Smile lot of fond memories listed above.... will add;
Past leaders formal and informal each one had a tremendous amount of charisma and interacting with them always left me feeling good. I miss these folks a lot as well;
Mojogoth (SK) and his wife Stumbalina were instramental in starting us on the DoN progressions when they first came out.
Centuri..... OMG what a nice person & one of the better tradeskill enthusiasts. Was she the one that was always distracting the raid by flashing us and the mob as we were about to engage a mob or after the win err or whenever she got the inclination or was that another character.
Ayar / Ghriz jeeze do we owe them or what
Alysar what a nice class leader so nice to interact with.
Two tank classes I always enjoyed seeing in /gu

Kivuli~ Guild Furball
Kuzain. for someone to be this passionate about the RP aspect of the game is just amazing. she always put a smile on my face when i talked to her. no matter what was going on she always seemed in good spirits. 

I wish I'd met her. The RP aspect is what got me into this game.

Tesserae, was the first SoFer I met under guise of her gnome alt: Sleega. She wasn't quite as effervescently happy as Wolfie, but she could've been her twin for all that. They even played the same race/class combo. She was a dear to play with. She engaged me in some RP while we were hunting Paludal Caverns together, and we had some great RP sessions, and it was through her I met the rest of the guild of the time. In fact, she was my sponsor.
Daggerclaw, took over my sponsorship with Tess had to leave the game. A stand up guy to be sure, and a blast to hang out with.
Berix, helped me test the Filthy Twink boardgame at a gather and a dead ringer for Daggerclaw. I swear they're twins or something.
Kinamurk, used to beg me for Spiritual Purity. I don't think I ever got him killed but I could be mistaken on that. We did Sebilis together.
Sharkann, could lock down mobs like Fort Knox. I definitely got him killed a few times. Hell of a chanter.
Mistwulf, I still have a shot of her in front of Severilous, just behind...
Peyti (Xarlurn), who was tanking at the time.
Gaelle (Tima), I met on my first ever raid with SoF which was Dragon Necropolis. I thought her armor looked really cool so I took a screenshot of her. I think I still have it somewhere.

Xarulrn~ Lizard of Looooooove
My god such great names here. Kina and Lornaa, Sharkann I loved every moment I ever grouped with him, what great times we had with all these folks. So great to see them mentioned here. Mistwulf many... 

Zigglewort, for being just such a great guy and a mighty warrior in such a small package. /salute you sir.

The entire raid lead crew of Sof and the run to Plane of Time, I had such a great time every time I logged in I couldn't get enough, thank you so much.

Mojogoth (SK) and his wife Stumbalina were instramental in starting us on the DoN progressions when they first came out.

Love them so much!
yeah Nikkii I miss them a lot too   ~ Dad


As I was reading this list my list grew and grew. I even was starting to list people who still play and I see them often but they are such a big inspiration to me and help me learn the game and appreciate the way it is played by them. Then the fear struck...what if I missed someone on the list. I know I would miss someone on the list, so currently I am not going to list anyone (I may change my mind later). 

OK - so I changed my is a list in no specific order and I am SURE I missed some people, but here are SOME of the ones I remember:

Nalzero (non-SoF)

DISCLAIMER: These people may have upset people with why they left or how they currently act in game, but they have at some point been an inspiration to me in some way shape or form and have therefor been noted. I am sorry if I missed
 YOUin the list, I am sure I MEANT to add YOU - I just do not know why YOU currently slipped my mind...please forgive me. Thank you.

Skitch Ofrentic / SpEd O.C.D. - Increasing my post count.... one meaningless post at a time! 
Skitch - Don't worry Image, I got your backImage 
Spedocd - My name is Sped. Don't make my O.C.D. kick in! 

Here's an old name.... Reverick..... Understand he was a huge tatoed intimidating looking guy in RL but he had a cleric personality. He apparently stepped on some toes but hey I liked him. He once tried to come back to SoF & EQ not sure if he still plays but I remember him fondly and miss him still.
Great list Spedocd...... good job .... brings back memories. Stratofortress was our class leader forever...... great heart that one. Ikky was always a delight. Oh my the train memories of Gaxe what a puller what a tank. Pent !! geeze theres a semi legend. Snowblind a true legend. What a nice person as well. Matthias nice guy miss him  Crying or Very sad was sorry to see him leave (two times Surprised ) Barrac theres a fond name from the past.
OMG Im so not on your list:(

Skitch~ What's "Enrage"?
I am sure I MEANT to add YOU -

Nope I had YOU covered!

Skitch Ofrentic / SpEd O.C.D. - Increasing my post count.... one meaningless post at a time! 
Skitch - Don't worry Image, I got your back 

Spedocd - My name is Sped. Don't make my O.C.D. kick in!

LMAO,, whatever

Perraine~ Sir Prance-a lot!
Pretty much the whole Harmony of Souls crew. 

Jibjab, Daggerclaw, Sydney, Tazer, Nugent... (sure I missed some)

And of course, the people who gave me the best of times in game, the BYOC weekly groups.

OMG yes and there was Perraine thank you for posting Perraine and jogging my memory ..... It was Tazer that did that spoooooooon thing?
How could I forget Sydney actually met her along with Utaldain in Las Vegas at my one and only EQ convention.
Jibjab & Daggerclaw!! What memories.

Then there was a Wizard along with his wife ( they actually lived within 30 minutes of my house in Loma Linda / Riverside / San Bernardino area I think.... forget both their names but we had a gathering in Las Vegas along with Fandelar? and a few others whose name also alludes me ATM  Embarassed Saw the Blue Man group together?

You may not know this, but Sydney was in SoF before she was a HoSer. Only back then I think she was a paladin.
Caressa~ Mistress of Heals
Wow, there are many from SoF who's presence is greatly missed in EQ. I'll start with my original sponsors into SoF ...
Quillian and Reorx. That goes back a ways! I came to this EQ in 1999 because I'd known Quill and Reorx for years when we all played UO together. Quill wouldn't rest until I "converted" to EQ and over the years ... he applied the same process to joining SoF. *laughs*. Those are definately good memories.
Brewt, who I knew long before joining SoF. Great person and sorely missed, although, he still shows up in EQ2 from time to time.
There are so many others I miss that I met during my time in SoF: Snowblind, Taimar, Alliah, Barrac, Ghriz, Ayar, Kiari, Gaxe, Cleaner, Iksnaed, Junoson, Icbash, Mojogoth, Stumbalina, Crunchybone, Zefftalin (though he still sometimes shows himself) and that dang lezzard Xarlurn !! I miss them all!! Last but not least, I miss my close friend Smimps who can't type worth a darn but has a heart of gold.
I'm sure there are many more I've left out who tease the elusive edges of my memory as I write this.

Oh my Smimps what a nice guy thanks for the reminder Caressa...... actually no Justar I never did know that about Syndy.
Lenir!! ................ havent seen him forever. Didn't he go work overseas?

Jublain~  Jubster
Wow i loved looking down through this list brings back some great memories the first couple of SoF'ers i ever met were Jessyl and Thaenatos and oh my goodness what a great couple Jess was such a sweetie an Thaenatos was an inspiration of what a paladin was !
Shortly after them i met Sivle ! and that was when i decided i wanted in on this guild lol such a great guy . I rember running around BBM looking for oak bark for them lol . Also zigglewort was the bestest shortest tank man around in the day /salute and berix what a nice guy some others i knew early on that weren't in sof Wincee a eudite mage who was a fun an funny guy who i also knew in RL an his RL son Maumoss who was a kickarse druid also Barec whom i grped with often an Fera an all around great guy . and i rember a chanter who i hung out with often with jess an thaen but i can't rember her name she was a sweetie too ! ok i could go on but think this is already my longest post ever lol

Perraine~ Sir Prance-alot
Dadruss wrote:
OMG yes and there was Perraine thank you for posting Perraine and jogging my memory ..... It was     Tazer that did that spoooooooon thing? 


Not sure Dad, I know Tazer used to carry his shovel everywhere he went though. "Fear my shovel" or something along those lines

We had a HoS gathering in NJ at...God, I can't remember his name..but his house.

Me, Sydney, Sepa, Jabbuk, Ellocopato from Twisted Fates...some others I can't recall. We seriously need to have a gathering again. *cough* Hint *cough*

Unless you all feel like hitting NYC and having a huge BBQ, then go out to Manhattan the next night, etc

Xarulrn~ Lizard of Loooooove
Damnit I want to hug every single name on this thread. Thanks Dad, what a great thread.

WTF!? Not only was I only covered in sped's "YOU should have been mentioned" BS, but I am not #1 on his list. Quite frankly my awesomeness should mean me being #1 on everyone's awesome people list. 

BTW Ciedia I talked with Mclearin and Aljama last night. They do show up sometimes, just much less. Mcslacker has a 1 year-old and is too busy with work to play much EQ anymore, but I did siggest he join SoF hehe.

p.s. I miss Motrain/Taylinn(the original one) too. Anyone from TO remember how he set up a knex ferris wheel thing to run the CH rotation? I think I have the pic he sent me somewhere on my comp and I will try to dig it up, but that thing had me literally rolling on the floor laughing. Just remember clerics that your job can be done by a children's toy!

Kivuli~ Guild Furball
Shivh, the monkly asshat. Can't forget him.
Raun, who God help us went into TEACHING. The children are doomed.

Found some old notes from the Trip to Las Vegas; 

Two old names from my HoS days

Teker what a nice guy lives in Canada

Keauvas think he lived in San Diego. Nice guy.

Chenier & her husbad Krynose?...... were the people who lived near me

Caitlyn never made it but I remember her fondly as well


Murjden~ Murjy-Poo

Fond memories: Being one of the people that helped start SoF and seeing what it grew into; catering Aly and Ayar's in-game wedding; first time on a Plane raid; hanging out with a certain so-and-so and one of his alts just grouping when I used to mostly just solo (you know who you are... I always appreciated it too); dugann and I working on that damn wolf for one of my quests and pulling it off in the nick of time; grouping with aly, ayar and daconia where those evil eyes were, just hoping that the ring would drop Wink
...and so much more....
I miss every damn one of ya being in a game I play.
Murj (the retired)

How you doing my old friend? Hope things are still going great for you Smile Btw you need to unretire hehe


Murjden ~ Murjy Poo
Hiya Festus!
Yup, doing great! I've been blogging quite a bit, and doing crazy writing ever week here:
(I'm the "Steve" referred to in those initial posts, and I post as "Steve (The 24 Guy)" over there... I don't post under the nickname Dave gave me (that's too much, even for me!) Writing keeps me off the streets, and prevents me from accidentally aggro-ing things. Ha!
Been anxiously waiting for Age of Conan to start up. Can't wait to see what that's like. I'll probably have to do a serious upgrade on my graphics card from the looks of it though.
Hope you're doing well too.  Smile

Murjden good to hear from you...... see how easily we forget ..Thanks for the post I was hoping we would get a few posts from our past formal and informal leaders.
Dadruss lvl 75 cleric

First off, I'm touched that I'm on a couple people's lists. I miss EQ a fair bit, and miss y'all more than I miss the game. 

Folks I miss playing with, from the olden days:
(even if I do see some of em IRL, I still miss playing EQ with em)
-Aramil, Bubkuk, Mynuit, Panze, Tyburon, Crunchybone, Graywandiir, Kdune... the really oldschool TO team
-Oogbooger, Rez.. who picked up Draxx when he was 44, and dragged him along on his first two raids ever - Vox and The Hole
-Motrain (whose k'nex contraption was originally used for fishing) the crazy 4-cleric-boxing CH rotation-by-himself crazyman, Taylinn, Dranagrar, Tathi, Mclearin, Aljama, Akenna, Nodua, Ciedia, Conanin... the last standing of the TO team
-Nitsujlak, a mediocre-at-best shaman, who had the absolute worst sense of direction, and I'm sure a bad case of narcolepsy... he'd get lost ANYWHERE, and fell asleep at the keys on more than one raid / outting. "Pulling a Nits" became a catchphrase in TO because of him. Amusing kid, so-so shaman
-Yael, Dragica, Tyanu, Vladish, Noelle, Athera, Sugarbowl, Sicora... who were fun to hang out with, raid with, chat with, or some mix of all of the above

And of course, everyone who was active before I went inactive...

An update on me: I'm officially retired from EQ (at least, for now), I dabble a little with VG (2 hours a week, if that), and dabble a bit in some offline games. Mostly I seem to be "busy"

Carrini + I are getting married in 19 days (eep), Crunchybone is my best man, and folks who made my list, that will be attending: Aramil, Bubkuk, Mynuit/Gillenielle, Dranagrar, Tathi, Akenna.

Work is also "busy", my garage is done, my yard is 65%-ish done, and the basement is "in-planning".

And Carrini is starting to talk about kids...

I suspect "busy" is going to be my permanent state for... a long time.
Draxxalon Coryphaeus 70th Erudite Bedazzler of Quellious 
Xxandarlo 70th Iksar Stonefist of Cazic-Thule

She was a good and loyal wench and a hard worker. Most of you probably never knew her but for those of us who did, she is missed.

Skitch~ What’s “Enrage”?
I still have hotbuttons and our chat channel set up....I miss her so much it hurts /cry

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You guys are weird.
Xxandarlo! Good to hear from you. Oh my the mind is the first to go  Old



This is a nice thread. Brings back some very good memories. It has been a long while since I've visited these boards. I have many fond memoried of my time in SoF. 

Dadruss - for the record, Panas is retired, but still I play Lonate (my chanter.) And I never left EQ... except for when I had to when I went on deployment

Keauvas left San Diego shortly after I got Stationed in Hawaii, back in mid-2002. He moved to New Jersy, got married and started a family. He has a daughter that is about 4 years old now. For those that know him, I'm sure you'd be surprised at that, but it's true! He now lives in Saudi Arabia doing some uber-computer-geek stuff over there making buckets and buckets of money. I still talk to him on occation.

Be safe!
Panas Griffinbane (Retired)
Lonate -

Wow what an awesome thread to come visit on. I haven't been around in a long while, and I thought I would stop in and say HI. Then there is this thread in the Traveller's Rest....Soooooo many memories. Eventhough I have not played EQ1 in a long time, I still miss sooo many people and feel inclined to post. 

Justar for one. What a unique and intellegent person. Thank you friend.
Ayar and Aly. Thank you for the great memories of the SoF Parties you all used to host.
Kiv. Dirty kitty.
Kiari (rod please)
Gaxe (someone give this guy a sandwich)
Ghriz (someone give this guy some hair)
Snow & Taimar (hey Tai remember hacking off Kiv by turning his pet into a pumpkin head, and getting a great reaction out of him)
Rrowzing (run rrowzing, RUN!)
Silgar (thanks for dying with my about 500 times in NTOV on the way to PoM)
Raun (looked much like his character)
Mogun & Thalula (i think)
Balkamp (never without beer in hand)
Tima ( such a helper)
Carresa (known since i played UO, aka Moria (OTR))

Some older friends that I remember from the 1st SoF party, that some of you I am sure will remember:
Berix (gnome power!)
Proteus (crazy btw) =P

-Remember binding in PoF while trying to kill Cazic Thule and just rez zerging him?
-Sleepers Tomb
-Remember that little guy in PoG that you had to kill right before killing Tunare that had like 1 trillion hit points, and pushing him from one side of the zone to the next. LOL.
-Loading please wait.... (way too familiar with that line.)
-The Hole (/cry)

There are soooo many people that have meant a lot to me, and it makes me sad because I know I am forgetting to mention a lot of them. I am glad to have been a part of such a great guild.I hope everyone is doing well, where ever they may be, and that life brings them happiness and peace. I will edit my post as I remember names. Take care my friends.

-Zeion Insurrectionist.
Balludar ~ Captain No Pants
I miss Sofbot and our late night /cyber sessions...
Fsony for ruining that love!

I'll chime in on the /mourn sofbot. 

That was one of the coolest bits of website integration I've ever seen. Very nicely done Justar.

/rude SOE for killing her
Draxxalon Coryphaeus 70th Erudite Bedazzler of Quellious 
Xxandarlo 70th Iksar Stonefist of Cazic-Thule


I realize none of you would recognize any of these names, but I feel it is neccessary to honor the people who have made their marks on me throughout the time I have played EQ. 
Jelofist/Gemen - Monk/Enchanter friend who helped me on Kanarak back when LOIO was still a great zone to xp in.
Matsunaka/Frap/many others - RL friend who got me addicted to EQ, he convinced me to start a shammy when I really just wanted to play my human monk (this was before I owned Kunark otherwise Hongkon would have been an Iksar).
Aubryanna - Great cleric friend who always had room for me in any group she was in, and also was a huge part in Kanarak getting his PoTime and GoD flags (she would log me in while I was underway).
Because I have always had a hard time getting pickup groups, this list is pretty short, but I want to especially thank everyone in SoF for your extreme awesomeness (probably not a word, but it fits). You are the best!
Too lazy to fix my sig.

Perraine~ Sir Prance-alot
Ooh, If were doing memories... 

1) Kiting most of the dragons near the ToV enterance so the raid could zone in. (still a pic in the image gallery I think?)

2) Killing EVERYTHING in PoNature and then missing out on the Tunare fight because someone had to kite that stupid tree boss around for neary 2 hours.

3) Getting massive assistance while I was still an appy to get my epic because "The guild needs more than one bard with it".

4) Leading a raid to kill Thought Horror Overfiend, chiding the raid to be extremely careful running across the invisible bridge, then promptly falling to my death.

5) First Grummus kill, 'nuff said!

6) Kivulis 10th Ring war in Velious. Awesome event in every way.

7) Using 3 groups to do what was considered raid content at the time, and trying every trick in the book to win.

8.) /raid BIRDS INCOMING in 10 seconds! (As Saryrn's life went down)

9) Working together like fiends to try and get enough PoP keys so we could lead raids.

10) First Bertox win. That event stretched us to the limit and we truly became a cohesive raiding unit after that in my mind.

Too many more to list!

EDIT: Ok, some more!

11) Someone who shall remain nameless opening the lid in Aerin'Dars cave so half the raid falls in the water as we're doing flags/loot

12) Thinking how cool maps were and then missing the thrill of discovery.

13) Always getting lost in Lower Guk (except the Frenzied camp!) That route I knew like the back of my hand.

14) Killing the tar out of the Gnome guards in Misty Thicket for the uber 11 PP spears.

15) Seeing someone in the EC tunnel (torch 2) with full Rubicite.

16) Having 200 people "raids" in PoFear, then watching all the Druids needing to log out after the harpies were killed. Frigging Druids! THEN seeing a MONK win the Shield of Rainbow Hues....

17) Brewt making over 1 million plat from Blacksmithing. Still boggles my mind.

18.) Last but not least, killing Justar 3 times in a row in the arena...then having to hear him whine about my "cheating kiting".
 Twisted Evil Laughing

Ghriz ~ Grand High Poobah - Retired
I wouldn't know where to start.... 

It feels like there have been so many iterations of SoF. They all shared the same camaraderie and spirit, but each had it's own cast of characters. In each guild era there were always a few people who stood out for me, people who were so close it was just assumed that if you were online you'd be doing something together. It wasn't even a conscious thought, just the experience of so many shared trials and adventures that not being together and being online would have felt empty and odd.

I think in the end though, the people and experiences that stand out most in my mind are those times when the individuals blurred into the background and a sense of team took over. Seeing a group of individuals transcend into a realm where teamwork was second nature and shared goals became the glue binding us together. It gave the game focus and more meaning... for me at least.

Earliest this would have been being on the pull team with Gaxe and Pokiri. Working plane of hate or HoT.. That sense of teamwork and KNOWING what the other was doing and how to play together instinctualy was powerful. I remember logging after a few of those nights exhausted and thrilled at what we'd done.

You'd have to add in the sense of awe and wonder at what we accomplished in BYOC. I still think back to how much that team developed over time. It was the same magic as a well oiled pull crew, but covering the whole team. I don't know if I can ever thank Justar enough for letting me be a part of it.

The raid crews for our run through POP stand out in much the same way, even if the first raid crew at Grummus didn't share that much with the one that finally downed Quarm. For something that could feel like a trainwreck on week and a small slice of bliss the next, it will probably forever stand out as the single most memorable online game experience ever. The raiders varied so much over time.. heck, probably only slightly less than the lead team. But all and all, getting to ride that big, churning, flailing and bumping machine   was a hell of a lot of fun.

That hardly touches the PoG raiding fun with Zeion, Sidetracking into sleepers tomb with a stout band of hearty nutjobs or even just the joy at camping the zone edge and farming hill giants for fat plat in our 40s. Epic fights galore, joint raid ventures and all their rewards and headaches.

Like I said... I don't know where to start or end. So much was so memorable and so filled with wonderful folks.
Vinc ~ Vinc NODONTPULYET!!!!!!!

What a treasure of great memories. Hats off to you Dadruss for starting this thread!

Daconia: Real life friend and one of the original founders of Sword of Fate. We had all been playing Diablo and first he left for EQ then talked Wolfie into buying the game. Fast forward a few months.

Well Wolfie looked like she was having to much fun and i was bored with Diablo so I bought it. I hadn't been in the game but a few hours when I get this tell. Wolfie explains who it is and I manage to peck out hi to him. Next thing I know I'm getting this box on my screen. I tell Wolfie who jumps up screaming ( Yes she really does do it real life too) and tells me he is inviting me into the guild and to press yes. That was 7.4 years ago. What fun since!

When The Hole went live I just had to go see it. I leaned to far over and fell in. I died from the mobs before I ever hit bottom lol.

Well to get my corpse he had to give some Necro a couple of hundred pp,s to retrieve it,back in the day that was serious money. We got to see him last year and he is doing well.

Beenna baby and Rumpin. We had many adventures with and are much loved and missed in game by this humble warrior.

Kennan who showed Wolfie a few things a druid could do. And all around nicest guy you could meet in game or out.

Thats just a few of the people I miss. And to you retired folks popping in
/salute . Thanks for all the fun.

72 Warrior
Old_Soeb  ~ Lambikins

Ayar, Alysar, Zydallion, Balkamp, that brings back some old, fond memories. 

For the real old timers, you can't forget the original 4-boxer, Macaxe.

Nice to see SoF is still going strong and I actually remember some of the names here.

If you see Soeb running around, smack him for me please.

Soeb! Baaaa ... baaaaaa heheh 

When I finally got uber, I kept a promise I made to myself and went to Blackburrow and blew that place up. Gnolls blasted everywhere! Revenge is sweet.

Shaomystick had to have his name changed to Shaorinor because someone complained ... LOL I wonder if he's a doctor yet, was a good in game friend.

Pokiri, an awesome person and loyal friend to SoF. Took a lot of time to decide if SoF was right for his character. Most excellent player and friend to have on our side.

Wolfdancer and Vinc, ... LOL these two peeps good friends in RL as well as in EQ. Wolfie I'll never forget the ebullient "bounce bounce" and Vinc's steadfast strength and determination to learn and get a job done.

Ayar, Alysar and Murjden trying to "exspleen" something to me! hahah Ayar not liking camping the evil eyes because he would inevitably get charmed and kill me.

Justar .. this guy LOL .. I watched come out of nowhere, not really very confident as a young ranger but he quickly learned his skills and became very good at working his character. A loyal friend and SoF'r who spoke his mind and often misunderstood by many. EQ is a "social" game there was a time when a faction of SoF didn't like him. (I forgot who and why) but I remember having to put my foot down in his support. He's a good person, good with his character an excellent strategist and loyal to a fault. A strong personality with a blunt way of non-diplomacy LOL but there was no way I would turn my back on him. I even got to play with his mom, I forgot her characters name but I liked her, she was another good in game friend.

Morgeal .. a primadonna enchanter
 Laughing Morg was fun to play with on the ball and knew what to do when and how without having to ask or tell him. He had several characters and I didnt know them all. I'd call him   an in game friend as well. 

So many to remember, Gaxe, Reorx and his fish, Festus, Galiven and Arundel. I remember listening to a couple of players discuss how they will form a new guild and they all will have to carry a black pearl. Shortly after a new guild called the Order of the Black Pearl was seen and had a good reputation. Many of them eventually joined SoF, we were glad to have them as they were a bunch of really good peeps.

Zydallon, I never played much with Zy but his input in the original founding of SoF was highly respected. I still enjoy his and Curari's posts in the political boards.

I do remember you all and the adventures we had,some I didn't mention mainly because I don't have the time to write an epic novel. All hail SoF you guys rock!

Wow! So many names that I've missed over the years here! Hello!
Dadruss, I think it was Tick that would yell "Spooon!", my 15 minutes of fame came from 'Less talk. More shovel.' Which in hindsight is a pretty stupid catchphrase, but we still use it today.
Quite a few of us can be found in WoW, on the Aggramar server. Alliance side in a guild called "Fate's Legacy". Pete is still leading, if you want to call it that. You can find a handful of SoF folks, some Blood Circle members and a few strays found wandering aimlessly that we've taken in and trained to not piddle on the carpet.
Would love to see more of you there if you want to say hi!

Wolfdanser~ Favorite Tailkinker
ah sweet melancholy... RE-Reading this thread sure brings back some sweet memories, some sadness here, but most of it is a sweet sadness of those I love and miss.
AND Happy a great joy for the knowing of y'all!

Oi, coming back after letting my comp collect dust for 6 mos and meager play for 6-8 most before that has already made me unbelievably nostalgic. I think all the time of the people and times i miss. I do talk to several IRL, lost touch with others... sometimes i think i've been playing this game too long. I = old dog /smirk. /drowns in nostalgia 

~You prob wont know many of these names and most aren't SoF. Hope you don't mind /smile

Creizia /smile

Tworgo/Rorgo/Vlad... and on and on... tho we still chat irl

The original Lazzlo/Zurrg (even tho we talk often)

Tyanu (we still chat irl, shes has a gorgeous little boy now)

Ktani (very good RL friend)

Ladigem & Runmarn/Runwar... (vg RL friends)

Seagis (met him aroudn the time i met Klo's ranger man that was a long time ago)




Sleep (in all his incarnations)

Yoshany/Toshany (god i miss that boy)

Zan (miss him more than most)

Rappy- Raptorix/Hacx (he once told me i was the cure for sleep, no idea what that meant /laugh)

Yael/Carp/Litlamsetiv (tyanu finally told me what that stood for... still chat once in awhile, hes happily married)

Medic (or however he spelled it...)

Amfo! (Afmo but it always stuck in my head the other way round for some damn reason i can't fathom...)

Nymm/Jondle/Delsen... (back when we first started playing before we split up we were unstoppable, a well oiled machine)

Xaax (/poke klo where is the leezard?)

Draxxalon (used to chat now and then, isn't on yahoo anymore, i know he got married...)

Alanthir (he had some impossibly rough RL losses and left game, god do i miss him)



Alwrath (he said he'd come back if i did.... /taps her foot)


Kuddar (yes i even miss Eeyore)

Banala (wow i had forgotten him)

Copper (i forget his real char name but he was a cop so thats what i called him...)

Dreadlev, brach, ganyn, Vorkon!!, Nowen!, Modew, Zoaro, Amberthorn, Grey Moon, all the original members of Sisters of orion and countless others... i have been playing too long.
-= Unforgiven =- 

So, I was looking for some old sigs that are "nice" to show my son (who is 9 now) I put in "Dragica Prexus" to see what I would find. This came up! After all this time it's nice to know a couple of people remembered you! Very Happy 

I have to say I do get nostalgic for the "old days".

/HUGS Daisy!

Heya to the rest of you and I hope everyone is having fun and doing well. I would type the name of every person I miss and would like to catch up with, but my old brain isn't up to the task and it's a long list.

~Dragica (aka Cheryl)

P.S. Massive hugs and hiyas to Klotar, Ciedia and Draxx. I miss the Yahoo Room we'd have going all day at work.

Klotar and Ciedia are still around; Draxxalon left about two years ago.
I'm still here, although I'm usually hidden/sneaking.

Beri! OMG! Long time no getting you killed! /hugs I hope you are well.  Very Happy

Geaine ~ Body count rising
Worth a repost (shamelessly stolen from the ShA boards, A Crazy Cleric moves on) 

Cherianna Spirithealer, Krazy cleric once wrote:

That is part of the fun! Knowing Bards die to gnolls. I guess the gnolls are now my allies. Hehe

Seriously, I think about the piece of my life that EQ has held for 10 years. I have lots of wonderful memories.

Dying to a named griffin in NKarana that I was kiting on my druid. Suddenly Kuukai a cleric appeared, he ran all the way from Sebilis to rez me. I was in awe of clerics.

Watching Kataralt, a wizard, blasting the raid mob in Karnor's Castle, (names elude me, I am having a senior moment) Ice comet ruled back then.

Getting a tell from Dysdain , "Want to do a juggies raid for spells?" I was a frequent juggies raider after that.

Clearing plane of growth, and with TWilight Avengers taking down Tunare. I think Slagfest was tanking her then and he didnt die.

One night after 109 hours straight of camping Zordak, he appeared at 11:30 pm CST. I had a phone tree set up and the calls went out. 56 peeps showed up in Sol B from every guild, but most notably Sword of Fate and Trinity Alliance. I was so overwhelmed and touched. So many peeps i traveled with, who had logged back on just to help me get my rez stick. The all night vigils with some crazy Mastah monk, who sat with me so i wiouldnt give up. Morgeal who brought his tunes for fire giant clearings. There was such a sense of community back then, that went beyond guild tags. Mizu and Cantore drove me to pick up my rez stick in Tim Deep so i wouldnt get lost. A defining moment for me.

Twilight Avengers facing Northern ToV. Aarynor was the doorkeeper. Kindof got tells from other guilds that we couildnt do it. We wiped 3 times, but on the 3rd time, He Went Down hard. Clerics: Reiki, Sollace, Bagst, me , who else? senior moment. Our rotation stood tall that night. Was one of the best raids i had ever been on.

Rallos Zek, 13th try by TA. Selador giving strats, Pheatz directing raid traffic, Cheri raid leader. Peeps dying, peeps being rezzed. Finally he went down, and all the raid leader could do was cry. it was very emotional. I forgot to give peeps instructions to hail. Peeps forgave me.

2 TA groups taking Talendor...Gottun tanking, Slagfest there, Kindof pulling. Was a wonderful take down, I was proud of us.

First run to Highhold keep, it was a guild event. We ran 8 of us with Cephiro leading us, so we wouldn't get lost. We were level 15 or so at the time. Finding a barb that wasnt too friendly and running for the Nkarana zone with terror . Dying was not easy in those days.

Giggs leading raids for the big fish he hated. He really hated that big fish. It was a terrific thrill when he went down.

Just after the merger of Twilight Avengers with SA, we zoned into time for our first raid. Standing there I realized that progression felt so good.

Barb raids, and the bellowing of Raurck as peeps did silly stupid things. It made me laugh.

Doing all the epic raids, and helping people realize dreams. Some of the best stuffs.

Ellocopato falling asleep and getting killed again at the door to Halls of Testing because of respawns. LOL

Meeting Dulcinea for the first time, my twin. There weren't too many or any human red head clerics back in the day.

Plane of Fear raid. I am in main tank group with Slagfest, Kindof, Kerilee, Senvarian, and Selador. Senvarian does a thing where he pulled the entire zone. to the raid. Kerilee by accident hit the evac button. We end up running back to POF to see the raid taking down mobs, lots of dead peeps and lots of dead mobs. One week later, Lord Bob in Velks, Kerilee succored by accident the group as we engaged the big one. Again a ninja evac. Kindof teased her for weeks on that one. Oh that is when my issues with BArds began.

First time SA zoned into Anguish ....mighty fine feeling!

Dying in the pool in blackburrow because i didnt know the way out. Getting lost.

Corpse runs ....always brought adventures.

Sitting in the Feerott naked with SoF on a wiped Plane of Fear raid. We had to log off periodically due to fear of losing our corpses permanently.

Dragon in Seb....i forget his name again, KTF raid, someone accidentally pulled him into the tunnels and we took him there. LOL

Chardok Raids, with Bassor and Bilorre. LOL I always died on Sweetcakes. She had no resists on her. But it was boatload of fun.

Soeb running in circles while froggies in seb tried to kill him. Me healing, and him running. Til i healed so much i caught agro on my druid and died.

Nights of kiting tree giants in Burning Woods, no real groups, a bunch of druids, chanters, wizies, clerics kiting tree giants, pulling them and snaring and blasting. Fun!

Hitting level 60 in Seb Disco one camp. The entire zone cheered. Of course someone had to announce it. I got tells from all over the server that night of grats. Good times.

Most of all it is the people, for me. a bunch of people i care deeply about that i would never have known in real life all brought together by pixels and a desire for adventure.

Lets hope the adventure continues for another ten.


/hugs Cheri
Wolfdanser~ Favorite Tailkinker

  to Cherianna 

 to all these memories, and then some. 

and finally,
  to Lets hope the adventure continues for another ten. 


Gaskit~ Gnaughty Gninja

In a fit of nostalgia, I thought I'd do a fly-by of the old forums and stumbled across this thread, which immediately made me happy. Smile 

I remember dueling Justar in the Emerald Jungle during my application process and ALMOST winning. (That's how I remember it, Drakka. Leave me alone.)

I remember Ayar and Alysar being dragged to Howling Stones over and over and over to help Proteus, Berix, and myself level up.

I remember Morleene porting the Wrecking Crew to East Karana by mistake, which led to Daggerclaw's immediate death. (We still razz her about that even in Star Trek Online) She also ported a raid group out once or twice in the middle of a big fight.... Old people are fun.

I remember grouping with Rrowzing on the moon, and feeling useless while I watched him kite four things at a time while I ran behind them trying to get backstabs in.

I remember running Cookies and Milk raids to the hedge, where the goal was all about having fun and not so much about loot.

I remember making incredibly close friends that I would follow from game to game for a decade, and remember all the friends I left behind. It actually made me smile to see that several of them are still here.

Old people are fun. Smile

This made my day.