Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stormy Weather, O Yeah

For those who lie in the path of Gustav, I am sending you many prayers. Even if you are a Republican at the Convention with the Shrub, I send you prayers. Please, God, spare New Orleans the grief of a third anniversary Blow Out.

For my Friend Jerry, who is the Pops of my Teeghkii & Dianne's Thunder & Storm, you hang tight, Pal. All your Kidz will be safe, now you just have to hang tight. For all my Tribe who are in the path, we are sending you Light, Love & Bright Blessings.

Here in Oregon, we have funnel warnings, and thunderstorms. Lots of flash bang, in comparison.

Stormy weather. A great song,
Lena Horne, O Lord, sing it Grrrrl
Not so good for them that's livin' through it.



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