Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saucy Hunger

Last Friday, my Boss relented and let me grow my ten different tomato plants in the greenhouse-within-a-greenhouse at work alongside the other tomatoes for the Garden Center. Every day, I stand before the wee cloche-type affair, and chant *open*open*open* even tho I know full well that they aren't ready to raise their pretty little heads out of the soil to say hello.

AH but Glory! Glory! Seeds in the soil. My new garden plot has received its' 6 plus yards of garden blend, and is half covered with sand which will all get tilled in as the weather permits. The front plot will need to get tilled up as well, to till in all the green manure I planted in the Fall to feed the garden for this year.

It is snowing here now, we got three inches standing last night, and the sky is a steel grey which blends into the land, all silver dark with white puffy highlights. Like some old Grand Dame laughing at the follies of her kin. The early birds are busy stealing the cat food, and dusting my patio with the snow off their wings.

It might be interesting getting off of Song Dog Hill today, my wee truck is a'sceered of snow.

Did you know that a sackfull of seeds running around $20.oo can produce around $650.oo worth of produce in a month? WOW! The Money Garden!


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