Thursday, June 4, 2009

Storms of Living

I am out there with my hose watering and weeding my vegetable gardens. My new garden has been layered upon the old indigenous thistles and blackberries, rehabilitated by tilling, by soil amendments, by love and care... but the thistles, they are tenacious, and will not give up so easily, nay! So I am pulling this new crop out before they have a chance to establish their prickly selves.

The sky is growing leaden, heavy as quicksilver, leaves skittering before the breezes. I have finished watering everything in front, moved some pots around, pulled weeds, given hair cuts... And am aiming for the back portion to water in my wee baby trees and shrubs, and put in the 54" tomato cages in the garden.

It's muggy, and of a sudden I smell that ozone smell, and the sky begins grumbling, and lightening begins to strike around hither and yon... FLASH! BOOM! and the skies open up and pour upon my head like a bucket. Even my muckboots got water in 'em. I was soaked within minutes, well before I was able to exit the garden and attach the gate, well before I could grab my tools, well before I had a chance to register that MAN! This was a SOAKER!

Scampering inside, I realized that I should probably bring Nihki in too... There are sheets of silver pouring from the sky, my rain gutters above the front porch are completely overwhelmed by now, and it's a cascade, a waterfall. Nihki is a very wet puppy! I bring her inside, towel her off (to her delight, she thinks that is FUN!) and we settle in to watch a movie.. Well, I settle in to watch a movie, "Song Catcher" Nihki settles in to give a good chew to the pork neck bone I've brought her.

Stormy weather. Hey, the watering's done...



Valeri said...

I wish our rain could be a bit more like that as at present it is only a foliar feed and the roots are getting nothing. And the sound of rain is exhilarating!

Kat Wolfdancer said...

It IS!! I felt all the negative ions tingling across my skin..