Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, Bless Her Heart

There is this delightful phrase that Southern women have used for decades. It's rather catty, (no, not moi!) but is oh! so! appropriete sometimes to remind yourself that 1) Some people really SHOULD be outta the gene pool, and 2) it's OK to realize Fact #1

I made mention of this phrase in my post yesterday about the Hollyweird Twit who has instigated a (county-paid, mind you) lawsuit against her neighbor who has been *gasp* FEEDING STRAY CATS! OH! The Horror! The Pain! The Despicability!

This, then, are the definitions:
Bless Her Heart
Bless Her Heart
and well, Bless Her Heart.



weeder1 said...

Be better if she trapped the cats, had them neutered and spayed and then found homes for them. Cats destroy millions, and I do mean millions of our songbirds every year. People should keep their cats inside. Its not much fun to stick your hand into your flowerbed and find cat poo either. My cat stays inside by day. He can go out at night if he wishes.

weeder1 said...

oops. I didn't read the next part first. sorry.