Friday, December 25, 2009

The Golden Book of Possibilities Chapter One

Merry Christmas, first of all, and a Happy Glorious Rich and Juicy New Year!

I have this problem. Sometimes when I read, I read things cockeyed. It's not quite dexlysia, because it's not backwards, it's just... different. For example, "Sycuan Bingo Palace" easily becomes "Szechuan Bingo Police", and leads one to wonder, what will they do? "M'am, You didn't finish your Kung Pao Chicken. I'm afraid we'll going to have to fine you 30 chips."

So I find this note that I have written reminding me of something or other, and it says "The Golden Book of Possibilities". And I think, wow ! that's cool... It's like the Little Golden Book series we had as kids, filled with POSSIBILITIES! No wait, it's really the "Garden Book of Perennials", but man I am running with it.

So this then, is Chapter One of "The Little Golden Book of Possibilities."

The hoar frost sits crunchy and heavily on the grass crispy and white as a fine dusting of snow, but not. It is crystalline, it is magic, it's a tweener thing, hoar frost, not snow, not ice, not water, not quite solid. And it makes the most mundane things glorious. A piece of garden netting becomes lace left behind by the garden faes hurried dawn flight.

The guinea hens patrol the backyard, in an amoeba movement ,three for all, and all for three.

I got some pictures back of my puppy Grrrrl. Here is one particularly lovely one. I think she is a stunningly beautiful grrrrl.

Off to Seattle for Christmas dinner!

Chapter Two will be forthcoming.



AylasGreenBlessings said...

Greetings Kat
I humbly ask that you welcome my comment. Just when I had given in to bittersweet winter sorrow, and allowed myself to wallow in my loss and guilt, I found your most wonderful blog. I am not a blogger...I don't even know how I found you, but the strong kindred spirt connection I felt as I read your, very open and heartfelt words, touched me deeply. I too, am an earth child. Most people view me from a distance as being oddly different, maybe irrevrent, maybe scary. For I am passionant about all living creatures right down to the rock spirits. My little slice of solace is in West Virginia where I have sunk many roots and continue to grow all manner of life in my minimal spare time. I am not on line at home so my contact will be breif. Just let me thank you for sharing your feelings, passions, humor, and sorrow. Thank You for comforting a stranger. You have a gift and many blessings. I hope you will continue to share, for I will eagerly look for more of your story.

Kat Wolfdancer said...

Ayla !

Your words Bless me deeply. The sharing of sorrow, of joy, of comfort, make them liveable, bearable, transformational. I hope to forge a long-lasting bond with you. We may not have met in person, but we are still Sisters!

Bright Blessings!