Monday, February 22, 2010

Painting 101

OK< here's the first installment of my very first Painting. I am using the layering techniqu, since it is more forgiving for the steep learning curve I have ahead of me.

The first underlayer of white

The second underlayer of burnt umber

Got some greens in for the background

Added in some yellows for shadings

Here's my first layer of the fur, in burnt umber mixed with black

That's it until I get the next roll developed. I am actually delighted, it seems like some REAL artist is channeling through me, because it's turning out pretty nice ! Obviously, as I go along, I have to change where I photograph this painting, AND subsequently, where I paint, as the light hits the paint and just vanishes it in glare.


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Sheri said...

Hey honey bun...have you gotten any further along with the painting 101? I'm not even quite sure how I got here...oh yes, I clicked on Woni's but that said discontinued & gave me a search so then I found your blog. Speaking of finding, blogging or whatever, I must, I must get myself over to Facebook and try to figure out how to write on my wall (that is IF I have a wall, I prob only have a corner if that)but all these ppl keep inviting me and I have no clue who most of them are? Well sugar, I'm off to actually try to read just a little email - something I just don't do much of these days. Love you momma