Monday, November 23, 2015

Thankful Blogging Challenge

Thankful Blogging Challenge

Day #1: People, places or things…what are you thankful for?

Things I am thankful for :
My Family~  Laurie, Lynell, Sheri and their Families who are my Families :D
My Friends and my Tribe ~
              What Blessing all of you are and you know who you are you sly minxes 
My Critturs~
              What unconditional love looks like

The Scenery~ I live in a Progressive State which hasn't succumbed -so far- to Theocratic or Oligarchic pandering, nor has entirely bowed to H$U$ prohibition.

Cool stuff like a roof that doesn't leak, and a pellet stove that warms the place up.
Down blankets.
Down pillows with Salvation Army stain pillow cases.
Chest freezers full of chicken for the Kidz

Sleepy Time tea with honey
Song Dogs and the Howlelujah Choir


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