Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lathery stuff!

OH BOY! a new crafty!! I am being taught how to make soap! And not just ANY soap, but rich, luxurious, fragrant sticks-to-your skin-and-makes-you-soft-and-nummy-all-day soap! WOW! This stuff makes the skin incredibly soft, carries a scent, has lather enough to shave with, and is jam-packed with FUN & exciting & intellectually stimulating stuff! All natural ingredients, with real essential oils, not those fragrance knock-offs... Real goat's milk, herbs, WOW! just wow!

I am learning to create my own, as well. I'm working on a Healer's Soap, a Barber's Lathering Soap, and a Pet Shampoo soap. Have now made three batches, Wolfdancer's Delight, Vanilla Sin, & Off! Ye Tricksy Bug!

I have a bunch of equipment to buy, none of it very expensive, but some fairly spendy essential oils. I am really excited about this! VERY fun! Thanks, Greig, you're an *angel* among men! Pictures will be forthcoming.


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