Thursday, May 29, 2008

News from Wolfdancer Creek Farm

Well, we have some newsworthy stuff happening in Paradise. I applied for, and got --pending a couple of addition soil tests-- Organic Certification from Certified Organically Grown
*Happy Dance!* Because I have a very old apple orchard, there are a few extra soil tests I need to perform. My livestock is also certified!

I am just delighted about this, I've tried very hard to make sure I was kind to this land. It has been so abused and neglected, that I felt it needed some extra TLC. My dear friend Michael-from-Mountains turned me on to these fine people at CNG, and I feel as if this is yet another big step to achieving my dreams!

I must take some new pictures, & have to get mowing! The recently groomed apple trees are in leaf, and the cleared and cleaned portion of the orchard --now up to nearly 3 acres-- looks just lovely! I don't know how many apples I will get this year, it being QUITE the year for "interesting" weather patterns, nevertheless, healthy trees are nourishment for the eyes as well as for the land.

This July, I am checking off a "Bucket List" item: I am taking a train down to San Diego to attend one of my Bestest Friend's wedding. Yes, Ralph & Christie have finally decided to stop fooling around. I am beyond delighted with their decision, and wish them years and ooodles of love & luck! I've scheduled enough time to go and visit my friend Michael's organic farm, Fenton Family Farm where he's going to give me a tour and I'm a'bringin' my notebook to take idea notes! I have lots of people to see, and my Family to visit, so it will wind up being a whirlwind tour. I'm very excited! I will be taking tons of pictures, and I promise to post them. I have to save up some money for a new digital camera, my old beastie finally gave up the ghost.

Well, off to toil in the soil! I remain, the Woman Who Runs, Skips, Dances & Hops with Wolves


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