Sunday, January 22, 2012

Part Time Cook?

OH I hope so! A part time job might save my bacon. So far, 2012 is only better because I have Faith. Still short on the mortgage, but all the other bills are caught up.

I got a call back after about an hour after the interview! Even tho they said it would be 2-3 days before they would let me know for the *second round* of interviews! I'm pretty excited! I would be a good fit there IF my dumb leg will let me do the work that's needful. They serve whole foods, and use the local Farmer's Market and their own grown herbs and produce, plus canning! They only cook from scratch, not pre-packaged stuff. I have an appointment this Saturday as "Kitchen Assistant" which is basically cleaning up, prepping, and pulling stuff out of the various ovens to cool and finish. I'm really hoping my leg will allow me to function!

We had about 8" stuck in snow for about a week, pleasant actually, had enough wood pellets to have the heater on, had enough dog food to not have to go anywhere, and found enough stuff to make a nice turkey and rice casserole. Now it is raining, sometimes furiously so, sometimes just a pitter patter.


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