Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sometimes I feel like the World just opened up and embraced me. When I chat with friends that I SWEAR I have known for years, what do you mean we've never met?? that just happen to be living in Australia, or Ireland, or Scotland, or England. When I realize that I'm setting up a Guild Raid with a US Pilot in Afghanistan who's really a gnome caster in real life, he just moonlights as a Hero who rescues people in a helicopter. When I get good life-saving advice on my sick cat from a collection of Kitteh LOL Speaking fans who work as Exotic Pet Technicians during the daylight hours. When I realize that a friend I've never met but I KNOW!! and have yukked it up with for years had to be interviewed after the Boston Bombing because he was an eye witness. 

And sometimes the only thing between me and darkness are the faces & the voices of people I've never had the opportunity to hug in real life, and the sure and certain knowledge that I am Not Alone. 


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