Friday, August 30, 2013

Wild Women With Power Tools

So, my work has been an interesting progression and education.

One think I have learned how to do, out of necessity, was learn how to run the tractor, how to load people up with their rock and their bark dust and their compost.
I didn't get any TRAINING, mind you, I got put up on the big tractor and Linda pointed at various levels and switches told me how to start it, and then, when I wasn't looking, shoved it into "fast" and said "Go Drive". Robb was a little kinder with the Skidster ( a miniature tractor). I now have a driver's license (what I started with) and the most rudimentary of instruction.

And I'm good! Maybe too good, cuz Bosses tend to expect you to continue to achieve miracles if once you attain that level. So there comes a day when everyone leaves me there all alone (what's new) and the REAL truck driver/scooper/construction folk leaves the bucket (what we scoop product up with) off, and the forks on.


Well, the first time this happens and we get a customer who needs a scoop, I wound up, in attempting to get the bucket back ON the tractor, blocking the backdoor with the scoop pressed up against it as I was trying to "scoop" the hangers under the hinges and wound up shoving the bucket against the door.

OH yeah, wild women with power tools, did I mention thaT?

OK, so Ryan shows me the trick of tipping the hinges straight down to scoop up the hangers. Works great.

Repeat scenario above.

I *grumble* out to the Skidster, *dagnabbit why can't they leave the dadbloomed bucket on when they all leave me here all alone to do the job of three grown men*


I drop the forks, go fetch up the bucket .. I do it just the way he told me to, I swear...

I SWEAR I do not remember him saying anything about those pegs at the bottom the hangers that the locks lock in.. I swear.

So I jumped on the connection, I wiggled (or tried to) the bucket, I made sure the locks were tight (slipped locking the second one and smashed my knee --all black and blue--) and lifted the bucket up and tried to waggle it. But I didn't "empty it out" tip it all the forward to inspect whether the pegs that I didn't know (or didn't remember if he DID tell me!) needed to be locked in, were.

I say to myself, "Self!" I said "Bucket's on. Let's load!" I go fetch up a full bucket nice and neat as you please of fresh fir barkdust position myself at a "T" to this young fellow's work truck, oh man, I have my groove on, I am a Skidster-drivin' foo' ... I bring the bucket up over my head, six seven eight feet up in the air, I line up the guy's truck bed, not too far forward, not over the tailgate, not over the cab...It's bootiful. I tip it forward, back, position it, and start to tip the load forward.. Half of the load goes in, it's perfect, it's beautiful, and ... then .... *THUNK*
The guys tires take a foot plunge downwards.
I am confused, and I am sure, the look on my face can only be described as "utterly clueless". *blink*blink*
I look up at my scoop, and...
it's gone.
I look in the bed of this guy's truck, and ...
it's there.
I look at the guy.
He looks at me.
I am not kidding, *oh shit*Pardon my language but *shit*shit*shit*shit*shit* OH MY GOD!"

I call my boss.
"Tim, you gotta call me back, the bucket fell off the skidster into some guy's truck and I can't get it out."

(I've fallen and I can't get up. I am still cursing beneath my breath in a stunned revelry)

Meanwhile, there are some other customers standing around waiting for me to write up their orders, take their money ...
scoop them up some barkdust ,...
So I excuse myself and run and take care of those folks,
"Did you see that?" "Oh don't worry dear, these things happen".


You mean in real life this kind of stuff happens??? *blink*blink* is this thing on?

My boss asks me, in passing, "Hey, Kat, check the bucket, will ya?"
and laughs quite loudly. I'll never live it down.

Kinker of Tails EXtraordinaire!!!

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