Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day!

Pretty amazing that east county doesn't seem to get much news coverage, back in San Diego, they used to tease us Country folk about there being "No Intelligent Life east of I-5", and it appears, if one was to view the mainstream media as Gods, that the same applies here....

No-one of import lives in East County, Portland, Oregon.
No-one works in East County, Portland, Oregon.
None of us needs to know the weather conditions in the Country.
The only people who deserve to know what's going on are the Flat Landers.

(my ex-Boss used to call anyone who lived west of the Clackamas "flat-landers")

We're all socked in up here on the hill, 6" of snow, the one access road is a treacherous slick of ice, slush & snow. The neighbor kids are making it worse by tobaggoning (using trash can lids, tupperware lids, sleds, and those round thingies with handles) up and down on the road itself, rather than up & down on their own property, thus packing down the snow, melting it with their hot little snow-suited butts, and then packing it down some more. You can see the shine of the glassy pack from my driveway. I'm missing a day's pay due to the weather conditions up here, and now I'm worrying that I'm going to miss tomorrow... Since it's going to freeze again tonight, will the ice-skating rink the kids are creating make it more difficult to get to work? Am I going to have to ditch my truck again tomorrow?

I know this is fun, but if you have to actually do the grown-up stuff like WORK, or drive or walk, it makes it impassable, and treacherous.

AH! But I remember when that didn't matter. So now I struggle to not walk out and hollar "HEY! You goofy kids, don't you know you're making it dangerous for me to get my groceries? Get off the road, and go sled on your own land!" (You've ruined your own lands, and you won't ruin mine!)


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