Wednesday, January 24, 2007

*whew!* Spring is in the Air!

Finally tightened my belt and bought that Osmanthus Delaveyi, and the two Firepower Nandinas I've had on hold for a couple months... I'm not sure where I'm going to plant the Osmanthus, somewhere close to the front door where we can smell it when it blooms.. I'm going to have to be firm with my pruning schedule, because 6' tall & wide is just hard to accommodate! OH well, I'll find a way ... The 2 Nandinas are going into the perennial bed right out front. They are JUST what I needed ! Some Winter color!! Small mounding evergreen shrubs that go scarlet for Winter, chartreuse for Spring, and rich green for Summer into Fall. Who could ask for anything more?

Trimmed up a few of the "Midnight Blue" Penstemon, there's another beaut for the perennial bed, evergreen, lacy & loose with rich red-orange stems. Summer & Fall bonus with a 4 month+ bloom season of tubular deep purple-blue flowers a couple of inches long. Match them up with Rose Yarrow and a nice "Cirrus" Dusty Miller with a back drop of Porcupine Grass, and a couple of Orange Sedges interspersed and my oh my oh my.

We're in for a few weeks of nice weather, and I am sure getting the itch!!


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