Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snowed In!

Well, well, well. I made it to work, but I have no way home. My poor ol' truck with rear-wheel drive is just not up to navigating the ice rink hill upon which we live. The Garden Center is socked in with snow, but I've watched the snow plow clear off the hiway, so traffic is moving along Hiway 224 at a fair clip.

It's OK, I have extra socks, a sleeping bag and plenty of firewood available, but BOY am I going to miss my kitties, my woofies, and my husband! (not necessarily in that order!) Plus, if I DO get stuck here, I won't have to worry about getting to work tomorrow morning! It's expected to snow again tonight, into tomorrow, and I could sure use the opportunity to make up for the lost hours yesterday, since I simply was unable to make it down the hill.. The Garden Center closed at 11 am. It was just an ugly, snowy, icy mess.

I'm working on the Spring Newsletter, but I have no idea if my manager will let us use it, or if she'll file it in the circular file. We'll see! At least it's time well spent.

I'm prepared, I have my laptop, and a good book.. So if I'm stuck for the night, I won't be bored. I've got a couple projects I'm working on, one I'm really excited about! I'm researching a tutorial on rescue protocol!! Maybe having a tutorial available will make it better for the animals. If we manage to educate even just a few rescuers and transporters, it will all be worth it. It's a group effort, and I am really excited to be a part of it !!

OH well, gotta go fetch more firewood, don't want the fire to go out, it's too darn cold ! Y'all stay warm, hear??


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