Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yup, that's right, LACPADPOUB day. It stands for 'Lets all post cat photos and dire poetry on our blogs’, and today, October 12th, is the day they chose for this great blogging event. The Lovely Folk at The Inelegant Gardener hav created an International Holiday celebrating Cat Nutters around the World.

I need to hei me home to post the pictures, since I don't have any pics on this computer. I do, however, have additions to include. On Wed. Oct. 8th, a long-haired black kitty found her way into the electrical room at work and had 6 kittens. On Thurs. when I got to work, 5 of those kittens were stiff, cold and practically dead. I gathered them up, and plopped me with an armload of newborns in front of the wood stove and stimulated them unto irritation. I broughtthem all back! BUT that night, despite my efforts, 3 of them got pushed out of the nest and succumbed to the fierce 32* cold. Our first freeze was not condusive to kitten birthing, I fear.

The Bosses said "get rid of them" and since last time, the litter and Mom was sent to the Inhumane Society for disposal, I'm taking them home today. I've named them Gollum, Frodo and Samhain, and Mom is Midnight (thanks Tom) Sherri is going to help me with her spaying as soon as I find a place. I'm keeping Samhain. AS IF I need another damned cat! A nice round number TEN Samhain will be INSIDE.. *bah* PLUS the three outside kitties.

The reluctant kitty rescuer..... I will post pictures of the others when I get home.. And I need to get pictures tonight of these three, and will post as soon as possible. They are so tiny! 5 day old kittens. *sigh*

yet still willing to trust
she bumps my hand with her head.

Tiny, he hisses with hardly a breath
fierce for his size.




Yolanda Elizabet said...

This is a wonderful contribution to LAPCPADPOUB Day but of a different kind. I hope all the kittens you've saved will pull through and that there will be good homes waiting for all of them. They deserve it. Love the poem. I know how it is, saved many a poor kittycat and raised quite a few kittens myself.

My post is up too but it is a slightly more frivolous one. Bring bucket!

HappyMouffetard said...

what a star you are for taking on the tiny kittens.
Great poem, and the photos are lovely.

Thank you for your own twist on LAPCPADPOUB Day!

(PS that is one huge dog you have a photo of in your side bar!)