Friday, October 24, 2008

VOTING We Can Change The World

I would never try to change anyone's Vote. Vote For Hope
This video brought tears to my eyes. Brought me to my knees with the Hope I feel for this campaign. Brought me memories of being Young, and Passionate, and full of Hope, and KNOWLEDGE dammit, KNOWING that I COULD CHANGE THE WORLD. This Knowing which has, with age, with time, with disappointment, with the constant battering down of enthusiasm, with the day-to-day surviving, with the Republican obsession with "getting mine now and damn the future", with the Religious Right's intolerance, with.... Negativity, with POLITICS AND POLITICIANS... This KNOWING that I--me personally-- I COULD CHANGE THE WORLD it got trampled. Stifled. Pissed on. Disregarded. Disrespected.

MY America is bigger than that, and Barack Obama believes in me. I MUST believe that, or else.... Belief is Nothing.



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