Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wolfdancer & The Blustery Day

WOW! It is raining hard here. Sheets of sideways driven rain pelts the buildings. It doesn't sound as fierce as it used to before when the roof was tin, now it's a susurrus of secret whispers. At home, the wind howls through the screens, like siren songs. As I almost always have a window open SOMEWHERE, there is no shortage of screens that the wind can use to hum its' music.

I figure it's going to drop about 1"-3" just today. Rufus at the Weather Cafe has been warning us that we will have "wind events" with significant wetness.. & he was right.

I got a load of elk bones Thursday (I think it was Thursday, it's been an extraordinarily exciting week.. Exciting as in the ancient Chinese curse) Four large elk carcasses. Took my about 6 hours to cut up just one of the 2 wheel barrows full, and all the Kidz lived large on elk. The Woofers of Wolfdancer Creek will be dining deluxe for the next few days. We are not done.. Greig & I cut up another half a wheel barrow last night beneath his umbrella & "surgical" table... We're running out of freezer space. I must remember to bring home some more ice.

I spent most of the day Wednesday burying my two Woofers, planting some shade perennials around their graves... Columbine for rememberance, Lady's Mantle & Sweet Woodruff just because. For memory. For medicinal purposes. For their beauty. For ground cover. For the ability to recycle old ways of being into new life. Everything is Light. EVERYTHING.

It could not have picked a more aupicious time to dump a deluge. I needed the rain to settle the graves. I needed the rain to wash clean the Yard, wash it clean of corruption and blood. I needed the rain to wash away my own pain and the disturbing pictures in my head.

Everything is Light. Everything.



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