Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bloom Day!

May Dreams Gardens Bloom Day! I had to cheat, because I couldn't get my pictures from my garden developed in time.. I have a lavender tulip! and a cluster of beautiful purple whozeewhatsis bulbs peering up at me.. BUT! until I get my film back (drat that my digital died, and double drat that I can't seem to get my new camera to WORK! *bah*) I have to settle for flowers at work.

I'm cheating, of course, since these are all at work.. BUT they ARE in bloom, and they DO remind me that it is almost here, that season of joy and work, and Godliness.

Orange Sedge & pansies. Soon these will be planted in a pot. The snowy ice crystals were just too fun to let go unphotographed!

sweet daffodils in a nice little pot.

Happy Bloom Day! Happy Gardening!



Gail said...

If you spend all day at something I think you get to claim the flowers! happy Bloom Day! Gail

Nancy said...

I love March... so full of possibilities!

Kat Wolfdancer said...

*hee hee hee* It may not be "my" Business, but the flowers are MINE ALL MINE! Until I sell them to someone who needs them! *grin* My customers laugh at me *delightedly, I hope* when I tell the wee plants & trees that I am happy that they got a New Home! Be GOOD little Flowers! Grow strong and make hearts happy!

*grin* Happy Bloom Day!


HappyMouffetard said...

Happy bloom day! Lovely bright blooms - especially seeing as it's snowing in your photos!

Carol said...

Hey, I insist on no rules so how can you cheat? Those are pretty blooms. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
(and I added your blog to my sidebar list of blogs)

Kat Wolfdancer said...

I sure like the "no rules" part