Friday, March 27, 2009

It's HERE! I can SMELL IT!!

I have my organic Grafitti cauliflower, my Walla Walla onions, and my organic biodynamic spinach in cells awaiting germination! I have my Thompson's organic brocolli ready to cell up tomorrow and do the same! My peas aren't planted, but I intend to plant them tomorrow, even in the rain! My new 50' X 20' garden is only awaiting some dry days and sunshine --and of course, germinated seeds-- to embrace veggies! My tomatoes and peppers are about an inch and a half tall, and some even have the beginnings of their second true leaves! (these, of course, are still in the greenhouse. They won't be planted until Mother's Day)

But it's HERE! I see my Flowering Quince's buds swelling. I see flowering cherries in town, one tree is already in full regalia! My weeping pussy willow has a few fuzzy yellow catkins peeking and meowing at the day. My peach trees are swelling, as are the plums.

I have given my garlic and bulb boxes a nice feeding of bone meal. I still have to take the chainsaw out and top the apple trees of their more exuberant growth, and spray them with Neem for the season, but it's been too rainy to spray.

Glory! Spring is Springing!!



Sunita said...

Its so funny ... you're singing about Spring and I'm half-groaning about summer (yes, it is summer already for us in Mumbai)

Kat Wolfdancer said...

EEEK!!! I haven't even gotten Spring truly fixed in my nostrils yet! Summer will have to wait! ALTHOUGH... /ponder.. summer is .. the beginning of harvest ! WEEEEE!!!
Enjoy your warmth, unless there's too much of it, and then, you can send just a LEEEtle bit of warmth our way.. Bright Blessings, and Happy Gardening!!