Monday, March 9, 2009

More Snow! Tomatoes & other yummy dreamings

BOY! That derned Punxsutawney Philsure got it right! He's SUCH an accurate groundhog! It is snowing like crazy here, big fat rich snowflakes that look like Boraxo soap flakes. The ground and all the limbs are dusted with frosted flocking.

In the third greenhouse at work, we have nestled within a hoophouse-within-the-greenhouse, where lies tender young tomatoe seedlings many of which are still dreaming of sunshine on their shoulders, but some brave seedling souls have pushed their little cotyledons above the soil to peek at me with anticipatory glee. "Lookie Lookie Ms. Cookie! Me's'a gonna be a TOMATO some day!"

We have had to throw a wee heater in that greenhouse just in case it needed a bit of extra warmth, seeing as it got in the high 20's here last night, all covered in snow. I love my work, I love my job, but there are times like these where I could right happily dream by the pellet stove and stay at home watching snow flakes linger on and gracefully fall from the sky.

Happy Garden Dreaming!



Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oh my goodness, Kat, you certainly are having some seriously chilly weather there! Suddenly it's been in the 70's here in Virginia! We were shocked with a snowstorm last week--out of the blue--but now, it's so spring-like I find myself wondering why I am even on the computer right now! I hope your tomato plants will continue to pop through the soil and grow nice red juicy fruit for you;) It is nice to have free time to just 'watch' nature--but, the bills must be paid;-)

Kat Wolfdancer said...

*chuckle* There are so MANY times, Jan, where I wish I was twins! But I seriously doubt if the world is ready for two of me.. *sheesh* I might not ready for two of me! *giggle*

Happy Gardening!