Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Dauphin of Dirt

I tried on "Duchess" but it just wasn't "rich dark chocolate" enough for this sensually loose fragrant blend of garden soil and fertility which now blankets my garden plot, my Venus of Vernality. But now, "Dauphin", how elegante!! Magnifique! How Fabulicious!!! So perfect a description for the fecund composted earth I shall soon be delving, deep and lustful plungings into this readied & stimulated plot of heaven... So royal a requiem for regionally refulgent radishes and rhubarb.... Such an adequate abraxas for the abrosial effects of the alluring apples & artichokes soon to be added to the bounty of my kitchen... I shall adorn the Title as a Wild Woman adorns a living kitty about her shoulders, filled with purrs and perfection.

I shall endeavoure to upload photos soon, mes ami! .... (I didn't plant artichokes yet, tho....)

off to plant more veggies! I shall take pictures! (but they shall be late in arriving!)


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