Thursday, May 7, 2009

Patience! Yes, Carol, there IS a Lesson here!

I had a wee bit of a respite to write while Nihki was sleeping --a rare occurrence in itself-- so I went a'reading and a'catching up with a few of my fellow Gardening Faes. I read about Carol's patience! and I must say, I sure am glad I listened!

Yesterday, JUST after I put Nihki out for a brief visit with her Uncle Teeghkii & Auntie Spirit, as I was walking back into the house, I saw the sky light up with a BIG flash, fairly closely followed by the BIG Bang (but not the one which generated life) and Lo! & Behold! the skies opened right up, and BEAN-sized hail dumped upon our heads!

I hurriedly marched back around and scooped up my poor wee bairn, who was huddled beneath the semi-leafy arms of the apple tree, cowering at the nasty beans of hail pummeling her, and we went back inside and snuggled on the couch.

Now, if I hadn't been practicing patience, my seedlings would have been smashed to smithereens. Shredded leaves, torn limbs, tender veggies all pulverized. BUT! Because I was patient, and had NOT planted out my starts yet, all my wee baby plants were gazing at the weather event from beneath their sheltered glass.

YAY for Patience! What a strom!


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