Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cleaning Up for Winter

I took a day off from my OTHER jobs, and did a chore that needed doin' before the Big Freeze wanders in: I cleaned out the Greenhouse. Now, I use that term loosely, because it's less a "greenhouse" than it is a "really big cold frame". But it's friendly, and it has helped me survive many tenders who would have languished inside the house, and definitely died outside.

However, there IS the matter of .... slopes. blackberries. naughty weeds. naughty bugs. little room to maneuver. little money for proper shelving. little experience in carpentry. poor design. All of these things can be -- and are-- overcome, but not without their spot o' pint o' blood.

So I whacked the procrastination monster back into his cave, and I started in. I took all the plants that I hadn't had time to put outdoors ALL SEASON LONG (BAD Plant Mom. No biscuits for ME!) and I moved them outside in the rain -which has been steady but balmy all week- watered them well, and I began to get down to it. I pulled and cut all the weeds, I laid down cardboard on top of the insulation to "square up" and steady up the insulation (and further abate the weeds) I made a new shelf (albiet a jury-rigged one, it needs bracings better than an old cat litter tub turned upside down to rest upon.. BUT it will function for this season) I pulled out the heat mat and cleaned it, I organized the implements, and I *gasp* composted the pants who didn't make it. I gave them a decent burial, and thanked them for their help, and I know they will eventually add to the richness and lushness of my Garden. Someday.

Then I brought all wee plants that I got from Little Prince of Oregon a nursery with a PRINCE of a Crew, and absolute ROYALTY of plants at their Open House a few months back. (If you are ever in Oregon, and want to peruse a Nursery of just phenomenal people who grow just phenomenal plants, I invite you to give these folks a call) and settled them in for the Winter.

I haven't had the time (OH I love this economy! Live to work. Live to work) to transplant much of anything, so I wanted to make sure everything was protected. It feels good to be ahead of the game for protection, tho! Last couple years I was scrambling in the dark to get everything under cover.

YAY TEAM! It looks so nice and organized and clean!!!!


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