Saturday, November 1, 2008

Notes to Myself

Must borrow camera and take pictures. The trees are showing off their flashy dresses in rich arrays of golds, crimsons, and oranges. They flick their lacey hems at every passer by. The leaves are disguising themselves for Howl-0-ween as butterflies. Must develope these pictures in my head. Now, how will I upload these? I need that camera!

Have you ever wondered why we follow trails? I wonder if the trail leading from the pond and over the bridge to the back portion of the property was originally made by deer? It certainly wasn't made by the former occupants, I rather suspect they did as little walking as they could get away with... So I have been walking every day on just the OUT side of the trail. Will there be a tracing wandering zig zag around the trail? Will the trail which leads from the front to the back begin to look as developed? How long does it take for human feet to blazon a path? The goats are doing a lovely job of clearing the area, will that help the trail stand out?

Why do our feet naturally follow the beaten path? Why do my feet NOT want to walk on either side of the beaten path? I shall force them to concede. Will it take 2 years? 3? for my off-the-beaten-path Path to be a Path?

And then there are the roads. I must take pictures of the path looking down from Bear & Rhi's Yard to the pond. I musttake pictures of the path leading to the Pet Cemetary. I must take pictures of Surface Rd just over the rise as the mixed forest emerges from the fog of Faraday Lake. I must take pictures of the golden leaf-strewn road heading up to Jim & Betty's beyond George. I must take pictures of their driveway.

As I was driving to their place to finish up the Bonzai'd Juniper, I found myself catching my breath. The light filtering through all those precious metal leaves. A yellow gold so intense it hurts to look at them, aches in my chest. And I thought to myself, "OH MY GOSH!! I have never seen anything quite so lovely since.... Since last year at this time. And for the same reasons."



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