Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grief Waves and Other Healings

I've sat me in front of this screen several times since last I blogged a blog, but just haven't had the will. I've been busy with the nuts and bolts of tidying up. Which isn't true, exactly, but it is a comfortable euphemism.

I have spoken to many people who, due to distance, have slipped past my daily connection. I have sent out Spirit Eagles! I Billy Jacked others. :~) I am overwhelmed with the inside jokes of generations. Of life-long friends. We are none of us alone.

So, I will post a late Bloom Day November, OR an early Bloom Day December. :~)
This will tide me over until I get back from San Diego. With more pictures, more memories.. More Lessons, more Blessings. THAT post will come later.

A mix of colors

a couple of hold-out leaves still decked out in their Fall finery, clinging to that last dance.

A Fall mixed basket with annuals and perennials. I love the yellows mixed with the blues and oranges!

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.. W.Pooh
The Larch I've been shaping and dandelions.

The Jungle Within

Chinese Sunrise hosta. The leaves are golden-green, a small hosta, rather slender leaves, with fragrant purple flowers. What a sweet little shade blessing!

My little indoor annual fuchsia who will not die. YAY!

Happy little hummer lovers. Magellicana (?) Hardy Fuchsias live up to their name.

What a lovely shrub. I need to try jam next year.

I love this little fellow. Small, floriforus, evergreen, and fragrant. Just make me a happy gardener.

Cape Fuchsia. A hardy soul! This one seems to like the spot I've plopped it... A fortunate mistake on my part.

Angel Wing Begonias. Larger than I expected!

Darn I forgot to get a couple shots of the "annual" allysum which is either reseeded itself *yay* OR what actually SEEMS to be occurring, it doesn't wish to die back yet. The annual that keeps on giving.

Hold tight to one another. We have less time than we bank on.



Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi Kat, Your 'bloom day' post is lovely. I am awed by the fuschia(s)...and, the angel wings are intriguing. I don't recall ever seeing those before! Take care, Jan

Kat Wolfdancer said...

*lolol* I thought I had answered your lovely post, but I was anonymousey on my own Blog! I was denied! *lolol* at me!

Angel wing begonias are really quite stunning! Mine's about 4 feet tall (I REALLY need to prune it back! I promise I promise!!) the leaves are spotted with "angel kisses", and they are about 5" long, in opposite sets of two, like wings. They flower, inside, about twice per year.

The fuchsias seem to just be the "hummer-lovelies who wouldn't die". I know they will die back, but I am in no hurry at all to see it!

Thanks for your post, have a Lovely Bloom Day (whatever day that falls on in your life!)