Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crispy Morning

I have made me a warm steeped cuppa apple cinnamon herb tea with a teaspoon of honey. Back in the late 70's, I had a bit of a reputation in the wee Beach town I lived in for so long.. Ocean Beach, in sunny San Diego... for having a huge selection of herb teas. I am happy to say that I haven't lost my touch. There is nothing better than a warm cuppa herb tea to start off a crisp September morning. Back in San Diego, September has developed into one of the hottest months.. (it's
68* there right now, as compared to 43* here in Beautiful Estacada. OH no, no such thing as Global Warming.)

I am hoping that this week will maintain warm days so that my tomatoes can ripen. I see signs that they are less than enthused by the less-than-50* nights... I see some yellowing in the lower leaves.. *sigh* AH well, what will be, will be. Worst case scenario, there is a mess o' Fried Green Toatoes in my future.

There are also signs of color in my deciduous tree leaves.. Some of my maples --the Coral Bark and the Palmatum-- are displaying ruffles of fall color in their fair skirts. The Fern Leaf Full Moon maple has not yet changed her skirts. I think I shall be delighted this year by the place I planted these trees... There needed some color there. I have a few ideas for landscaping that area, I'd like to add a very large rock, and plan a place for my hammock. Let's see how this shapes up for next year. This area around the pond is one of my very favorite spots on Wolfdancer Creek
It lends itself well to dreaming.

'Till next time, O Gentle Folk...Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's out to work I go....


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