Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Dragon Cave

My dragons grow with heat and snow
with lithesome wings and sterner things
with pipes and harp and claws so sharp
with fierce intent and teeth that rent
with staves of peace and fire beneath
wit healing touch which soothes so much
my eggs I keep both warm and deep
without a word they sing like birds
a song so sweet, so fierce, so fleet
to lift our hearts out from the dark
but most of all when darkness falls
my dragons gather my soul together
and wolves and we all sing to thee
ArrrOOOoooOo! to you! ArrRRooOO to you!

So my friend Centuri introduced me to yet another internet passion, Dragon Cave.
Dragon Cave
Where you steal dragon eggs, and raise them into hatchlings, and then raise them into adult dragons, via "clicking" on links on the internet. It takes a bit of doing, and your dragons can die if they don't get enough clicks within 6 days. I have found it intriguing.
KatWolfdancer's DragonsMy Wee Dragon Bairns
*chuckle* Enjoy!


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