Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Re-Entry into Spaced Program!

Well, I got me busier than a one-armed paper-hanger with a case of the hives. And it's been a week since I wrote *bad me* I started a new post two days ago, only to have it terminated by the Great InterNet Gods. *foooey*

Good Morning, Moon. Good Morning, spooned one. Light the night and spin the day rich with pinkish lavender water color sky, Good Morning Moon, so full and honey delightful, so full of secret songs the Song Dogs sing. Good Morning, apple trees, all washed in light and lovely. Good Morning green tomatoes full of ripe red promises. Good Morning, Love, sleepy eyed your hair still damp with apricots and silvers. Good Morning, mountains by the lake, with your piney tresses aglow with moon and dawn.

Good Morning, Moon. Good Morning, Day. I greet thee joyously, dew on my lips from fairy kisses and dragon dreams. Heart wide open, I spin 'till I'm dizzy with it.


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