Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweatin' to the Garden Rocks

Two days hence:

92.8 °F / 33.8 °C
Humidity: 27%
Dew Point: 54 °F / 12 °C
Wind: 0.0 mph / 0 km/h
Wind Gust: 2.5 mph / 4 km/h
Pressure: 29.38 in / 994.8 hPa (Falling)
Heat Index: 91 °F / 33 °C
Visibility: 10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers
UV: 4 out of 16
Clear -
(Above Ground Level)
Elevation: 1100 ft / 335 m

Ah! I took the scythe that Greig bought me and I cut a tall wagon-load of "first cut orchard hay" (read that, weedy grass) Which I am preparing to haul up to the Royal Goat Court.

I cleared all the way to my "Happy Gardening" sign, which has been overtaken by the tall grasses.. Tall grasses, I might add, which I, in my naive furor, actually PLANTED there, because I was unaware that first year or two that mulching with straw was flat-out DANGERSOME out here. If you plant it, it will come.

Yesterday, Greig and I made temporary fencing in our first foray into the Great Blackberry Abatement Scheme. So far, it is working like a charm, and the goats are FAT!!!

Rhi thinks they look like *meats, Mom, DINNER!* But they are almost as big as she is, the goof. Off to let them out into the brambles for the day. Rhi's burning off calories watching them studiously ignore her.


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