Saturday, September 6, 2008

Well, verily, I tippy tap into the Big Picture~ Blog Action Day

As a new Blogger with a non-existant Readership, I, nevertheless, must assume that my One Mile Radius starts with one small step, and begins with me. In particular with this year's Presidential Election, I feel urged to get involved in this endeavor. Bloggers everywhere across the board are signing up to discuss Issues of Importance. (Please note I use the "Capital "I"s here with Intention) So please put this on your calendar.

Blog Action Day

I've signed up. I have no idea what I shall write about, after all, no-one reads my small rural Blog except my immediate Family (God Bless 'Em!) and a few friends. Maybe that will change,maybe it will not. Perhaps my Blog will remain an OnLine Diary of sorts. It matters not. As I see it, even if there is no-one to see the ripples my stones of involvement create, nonetheless, they are there, and perhaps they will touch someone, something, somewhere, somewhen.

My One Mile Radius. (This is perhaps a glimmer of what I shall be writing about) My everyday actions, simple as they may be, are as butterfly wings. When I go to the store to buy the frozen chicken I feed my wolfdogs, (defrosted before they get it, of course) even if I feel inside as if my feet are encased in lead, even if I feel as if my heart is encased in ice, and I may never see the sun again, still, as I leave my truck, I lift my head, I look at the beautiful sky, and I put on a smile. I've been told that my smile helps push back the desperation that we are all fighting against. I'm sure it's not because I'm "all that and a box of cookies", but rather that when I smile, I smile with my heart wide open. I smile with everything within me, with every little piece of Light I can muster.

Yesterday I discovered just how badly in debt I am. It's pretty bad. It feels rather overwhelming. And I know I'm not alone in this. As I left the store, rather puzzled at how little my bill was, I got to my truck, began to unload my groceries, and discovered that my Grocery Checker had only charged me $5.30 for my two cases of chicken, rather than the $53.04 that it was. I turned around, got in line again, and showed her the boo boo, and ran my card again to pay for it.

Could I have used that "extra" $50.oo??? YOU BET! It would have paid off a bill that I owe, OR it could have fed my dogs for a week. (OK, for a couple of days at least) It briefly occured to me that this was a truth, I could have used that "extra" money desperately. But not for a second did I consider not turning around and making good on the mistake. This is my town. These are my fellow Citizens, my townfolk, my friends. And these ripples that I make with this "one hand clapping" "butterfly wings" action of mine is that first step of my One Mile Radius. I have chosen to fill my days with Random Acts of Kindness, to live with heart wide open. It is a choice I make every day when I awaken. It is a decision I started when I moved here, to start anew, and since my husband abandoned me, I have chosen to embrace all that this entails. The ethics behind living life with Responsible Purpose.

Somehow, it helps.
So I encourage you all to get involved in whatever way you can. Check out this Blog Action website. See if it chimes anything deep with you. And if it does, reach out and touch someone. My hand's outstretched, too.




resa said...

with blogging, you never know who will read. for example i'm reading your blog from sweden.

i found a wallet on the ground last night at the movies (a rare treat, as a movie is pretty pricey here and my husband amd i still study). it has a drivers license and cash in it. i went and handed it in. that person will be glad to get their wallet back. the small ripples make a difference.

Nikoladze said...

You are great to turn around and pay for the items. I can understand the situation. I don't want to cause someone else to suffer, whoever that may be. This includes big corporations that are essentially "face-less" to whom will suffer, but I know that employee that makes the mistake will suffer, and if not them then the loss will be made up through raising prices or lowering pay. Whatever happens, I don't want to be the one responsible. It is good to hear others follow through with acts of kindness. Thank you for posting for Blog Action Day! I know I will post too.