Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Got a new server, and am in the process of my website's fifth incarnation, rebuilding each page, and uploading them, making sure all the links work, and updating oh a TON of old stuff. Wolfdancer Creek is coming along!

Finally got the autopsy report back on Vince, he died of a heart attack, the seizures were considered contributable. I am sad to say that the Family made a few comments to the County which is now "on record" that shocked me greatly, partly because I had no clue, and partly because they were untrue. It is understandable, and I forgive them. A chapter in the book of my life which is now past. I felt betrayed, but that, too, is past.

I open the page to a new chapter. The day has been windy, but warm, the sun soaking into my bones. I pressed my back against the plate glass southern faced door and gloried in the feel of warmth, of light! Of impending Spring, whenever she comes. I receieved my tomato seeds, so this next month, I shall set out some seeds.

It is good healing.


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