Saturday, January 10, 2009

An AWARD! *delight!* *glee!* WEEEEEEE!!

OH MY GOSH!!!! (insert a series of excitable emoticons HERE)

My Beautiful Friend Kim at Wishnik WoodsHas given me my very first award. Here's her post, An AWARD? For ME? If you haven't visited her Blog, you really should, she has a gorgeous, Gifted eye for photography. And here's Peek-A-Boo Street's Chris's Blog who started it all...Bless her sweet little star-shaped heart...

HOW DELIGHTFUL! I am sitting here grinning like a fool, my cheeks are starting to get that delicious ache you get when you smile too long and too hard. *lolol* THANK YOU, Spooky Dragon! You just made my week!

OK, now, here's the REST of the Story:
The recipient of this award is to pass it along to eight other deserving bloggers.
So here is my eight:

The Ladies at Garden Rant One of the very first garden Blogs I found, you all have inspired me to take Gardening to the next social level

The Endangered Owner For all the hard work they do there to fight against the terrible hypocrisy of HSUS & PETA, and for responsible private ownership rights, and animal welfare. (Which is NOT the same as Animal Rights, just ask me)

Carol at May Dreams Garden Another inspirational Blogger, I love her Garden Fairy stories, and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is just an absolute delight.

Ernie Barrera at Politics as it was intended An old dear friend who has never stopped being passionate about politics.

Kathy Purdy at Cold Climate Gardening for everything you taught me about learning how to garden in a short-season zone

Jan at Thanks For Today for all the kind and gentle moral support she has given me.

Happy Mouffard at The Inelegant Gardener who is, despite the name of her Blog, VERY elegant, and for the entire concept of having a Holiday such as LAPCPADPOUB Day You helped me remember to think outside the box.

Cheryl at Weeder's Garden
My Roomie's friend whom one day I'd love to meet in person.

and Kim at Wishnik Woods whose friendship has been a Blessing in more ways than tongue can tell, and whose photographs both inspire me to reach new heights in my own, and dazzle me with their beauty.

*lolol* So I can't count. Happy Gardening, all! & Happy Blogging!


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