Saturday, January 24, 2009

The New Seeds Are Here! The New Seeds Are Here!

I feel like Navin R. Johnson!
Navin R. Johnson: The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!
Harry Hartounian: Boy, I wish I could get that excited about nothing.
Navin R. Johnson: Nothing? Are you kidding? Page 73 - Johnson, Navin R.! I'm somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity - your name in print - that makes people. I'm in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.

Our Territorial seed order came into the Shop yesterday, the Livingston seed order came in on Monday, they are all in their little nesting cubbies looking all pretty...

I picked up a few of Territorial's "new" organics, including Bull's Blood beets, Erste Ernte Spinach, Flashy Butter lettuce and Marketmore 97 cuqs. Got some of the over wintering Merida carrots, some borage for the orchard (and my salads!) and some catnip for the kitties, since my plants all died a terrible death over the Winter.

My tomato seeds came in from Gary Ibsen's Heirloom Tomato Fest *jigs for joy* And I am happily planning a tomato harvest. My friend Greig is going to help me till up a new garden just for the tomatoes! (and other companion veggies, of course!)

I am sooo looking forward to this Gardening Year. Little Darlin', it's been a long, cold lonely Winter. Here comes the Sun!

Happy Gardening, All!


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