Sunday, January 25, 2009

Victory Garden in The White House!

Seeds of Change! The Obama Legacy will be one of grassroots power recommitted into Citizen hands. Now the fine people at are rallying the Troops to select a White House Farmer! I invite you to go Vote for your state farming representative, or if you happen to know any of these fine candidates, Vote for your Favorite Farmer!

How exciting is this! Our own White House Victory Garden, which will help supply fresh foods for the First Family, and help supplement the Food Bank. I am so excited about the changes I see already! I know there are many who still doubt, and well they should. QUESTION AUTHORITY! I say! But as for me, I glory in this grassroots direction. I embrace these winds of change, brisk and heart-felt, cleansing, sweeping away the duff and debris of inconsequentiality, of invisible citizenry slaving away for Big Government, of hopelessness and despair. I dance in the sun of reaffirmation. People Matter. Our voices matter. We Will Overcome, and a New Dawn will shine in our gardens and in our hearts.



Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

You are so right, Kat (at least in my book). Many people have asked for a Victory garden at the White House and perhaps it will really happen with so much support & hope.

PS I'm 51, too:( Will be 52 in March...eeek...Oh well, much better than the alternative, I do believe:)

Kat Wolfdancer said...

OH JAN! Happiest of upcoming birthdays! Mine's in April, we shall dance in the Birthday Garden in Spring! *grin* I feel so hopeful this year, despite all the grief, the pain that has brought me to this place in time, I feel... HOPE!