Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've been TAGGED!

Well, no I haven't. But as I was perusing Peek-A-Boo Street's Blog, and thoughtthis was just delightful, so I am spreading it about.

I've been tagged! I've been tagged by Pat at Posh & Trendy (two things I am not)

* Name 5 things in my purse:
1. coupon folder for the grocery store
2. hand lotion
3. advil in copious amounts
4. bag of essential oils
5. pen & notepad for ideas

* Name 5 things in my work room:
1. my computers
2. Shim Schimmel's "Snow Leopards on the Moon" litho
3. my books ALL OVER THE PLACE
4. pen & notebooks for ideas
5. Picture quilt of my Dragonfly Goddess Self

* Name 5 things that I always wanted to do:
1. go to an APDT accredited Dog Training school
2. become an author
3. Get my third degree in Applied Science, Horticulture
4. Get Guitar Lessons
5. Make my Farm self-sufficient

* 5 things I'm currently into:
1. blogging
2. farming
3. reading
4. writing my book
5. taking care of the Song Dogs, the feral cats (anybody want a kitty?) the Royal Goat Court, and watching the Ancona Ducks

* Now I have to tag 5 people to add these lists to their blog.
I will choose;

Kim at Wishnik Woods
Jan at Thanks4Today
Cheryl at Weeder's Garden
Happy Mouffard at The Inelegant Gardener
and Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Okie doke, tag yer it!



Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Kat,
Thank you for thinking of is nice of you:)
I've stopped by here several times to read about your 'rugged' lifestyle with your dogs and critters and everything you manage out there alone. It's rather amazing. I honestly don't know how you do it, but you are very strong, indeed...and not just physically--a characteristic that definitely works to your advantage. I don't think I'd be able to stand up to the challenges, honestly:(
Take care out there!

Kat Wolfdancer said...

Dear Jan~ OH I hope you have a lovely day! And you know what they say, what does not kill us makes us strong! *lol*


spookydragonfly said...

Hi Kat...Thanks for thinking of me, I hope you don't mind if I don't join in the game. Lona at Hocking Hills Garden just tagged me, too, and I decided to decline. Guess I don't play well with others?! Hope you're staying warm, we are in a serious deep freeze here in Ohio.