Saturday, December 20, 2008

Charity Begins at Home

I just don't think this is what I had in mind when I envisioned "Sanctuary", but there you have it. It seems sending Light out through my One Mile Radius is not species specific. We are, indeed, a Sanctuary of sorts, for the small, the abandoned, the overlooked, the sick. Give Us Your Poor, Your Sick, Your Tired, Your Huddled Masses Longing to be Loved...

We have a Colony of Feral cats who have adopted us, and as I have mentioned previously, I rescued a Mama cat (Mimi) & her three surviving kittens. Here are a couple of recent photos of the kittens. As you can tell, they are thriving! I REALLY NEED to find them good homes, but, well, so far I have been thwarted in that endeavor. The little heathens run rampant over my sensibilities, and OH they are so darling.

In my garden, I, like many others, do not cut back my "straggley" seedheads. I leave them for the birds. We have a feeding station (several of them, in fact) for the ducks, who are very active foragers, and free-ranging here on Wolfdancer Creek --within limits. Coyotes & Bob Cat do NOT get a free lunch!-- but the Winter is hard on critturs. The pond is frozen solid, so we have to provide liquid water --as opposed to solid-- for the Aqua Fowl.

The indigenous birds have discovered this rich source of nutrition. They grow bold when I stand in front of "their" supper dish! Is this a thrush? Maybe a Swainson's Thrush? Or a Hermit Thrush? Anyone know? I think maybe it's a Hermit Thrush. He was SO bold!

And then there is Johnny Cash. Johnny is a feral. He really likes to be petted, loves to have his head rubbed, and his back massaged. I haven't tried to pick him up. I just sit quietly and pet him as much as he will allow me. Johnny reminds me of the Story of Ugly Make sure you've got a kleenex handy if you plan to read this story, because you'll need it.

I don't know how long Johnny Cash Cat will be with us. He can't seem to eat solid foods like kibbles, they seem to hurt his mouth. He has been eating raw chicken legs, and has picked up a goodly bit of weight since he showed up. When he first showed up, I figured I'd find his body on the front porch every morning, but he keeps hangin' tough, Johnny does. I haven't tried canned cat food, I plan to try that, and if he'll eat it, I'll dose it with Ivermectin to see if we can control the mange. That must be a terrible trial for him. He might even allow me to drop some Advantage on him come this Summer, if we can keep him going through the Winter. It disturbs me.. No, it doesn't "disturb" me, it HURTS, seeing him have to gather up his energy to pick up his chicken and eat... He hovers over his bowl, and drools.. And I KNOW he is hungry, and trying to eat through the pain.. AH, it tugs at the soft parts of my heart. So we have put out cushions on the chair and made for him a warm place at his desire. I know he sleeps underneath the house, so I will be leaving a space open (even though that's not energy efficient) when I get me out in the snow to replace the crawl-space board cover.

After all, a Grrrrrl's got to do what a Grrrrl's got to do. And I can't turn my back on him.

It's snowing here, again, it matches my mood. I think I'll go work on another quilt afore the pellet stove, all tucked in and warm.. And I will think warm and loving thoughts to Johnny Cat. May all your days be Merry, and filled with Bright Blessings.



Wolf said...

i feel the same way about animals. when we moved to our new house in may, we ended up with two barn cats...both had kittens. those kittens were supposed to find new homes...somehow, they are still with us, and unfortunately, some are not in the best shape. we are trying our best to keep them going and figure out what is wrong with them.

regarding the vet trip, it would have been pretty much impossible not to put them down as wolfdogs/hybrids. their eyes give them away if not the other traits because they are of such high-content. education seems key to so many, so we can just hope that people continue to learn...and be open to learning. i'll take the vet we just used, regardless of comments...he gave them all vaccines (including rabies) with no hesitation. maybe by treating our babies he will change his mind.

Kat Wolfdancer said...

OH I am so glad to hear about the rabies vaccine given! Some Vets just need to be educated! I have my (very) high content wolfdogs listed as "Malamute Mixes". I INSISTED on it. After all, they DO have recent dog inheritance, which IS important, and I am NOT lieing. They ARE "malamute mixes". I just don't feel the need to have any paper trail that others could possibly use against my pets. But I am fortunate, my Vets AND Ac Officers are affecianadoes of Wolfdogs, and know that having anything except the dog mix down on paper is dangerous legally. Not because our ANIMALS are dangerous, but because the IGNORANCE is.

I hope he changes his mind when he sees how well-loved and cared-for your babies are! *chuckle* It's hard to believe the rhetoric when you are getting smooched, isn't it? *lolol*

Nice to meet you, Wolf! >^,,^<

Wolf said...

i hope he changes his mind too. he has treated other wolfdogs in the past...they have apparently always been well behaved...i think he, like others, have heard so many of the bad things. we have been lucky enough to be able to put down "mix" on dog tags and other things, and i do believe it is important as well. people have such a reaction when they hear the word wolf.

i changed my url, to let you know. when i started the blog, i was trying to use mylifewithwolfdogs and it wouldn't let me. i tried again and it did let me. i feel it is more accurate then the previous statement.

also, interested in your enclosure...what you use, how high, how many square feet, etc. we are in the process of designing a permanent one for ours (our current is temporary, and had to do since we moved in to the house so late in the year, etc.). we want to get started on it in the spring and have been looking at what others have.