Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seeds of Change!

Not these ones, but they are a mighty wonderful Organic Gardening company, but today and this weekend I get to order the Territorial Seeds for the upcoming year at the Garden Center.

This is terrific news on many fronts!
1) This indicates that the Garden Center WILL be opening this coming year! HUZZAH!
2) I'll have the opportunity to get some special seeds ordered for my OWN garden! WEEEEEEEE!

now all I have to do is get out of my driveway *lolol* Where's the animated emoticons when you need them.

I have to go through my saved seeds packages in the fridge, make sure I don't duplicate stuff, be frugal...

I'm dreaming of a Spring Garden! Just like the ones I used to know! Where the turnips glisten, and birdies listen for seedheads popping in the snow... I'm dreaming of a Spring Garden! With every weed I pull, I pray; May your soil be rich and OK! And may all your Gardening be fey.


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Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I am dreaming of a Spring garden also. Cute! Hope you had a good Christmas. Have a better New Year to come.