Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice Dreaming

It is the Winter Solstice, and it is just beautiful out here. Inconvenient, certainly. Frustrating, oh yes. The top 2"+ inches are crispy frozen crusty traps hiding the soft, silky slippery snow beneath. We have upwards of 8-9 inches, more in the drifts of the perennials. It drags the hay wagon down to a slow drag through the drifts. We are stuck up on the hill. I brought the point-n-shoot camera out with me along with an extra roll of film, only to have the battery die. *sigh* and I daren't bring Dianne's digital out for fear I will take a tumble.

It is pretty good exercise breaking trail through this kind of snow! It's up to my knees in places, most up about 8", but there is also another 2" layer of hard, smooth ice encasing the blankets of snow. Everything is embraced by a silvery sheen of crystal. The sun peeped out briefly, just long enough to light a glow from behind all these ice sculptures. The trees are clicking and tsking as they sway stiffly, barely moving in their crystal tresses. I have never had to move through this kind of snow. I can understand why folks would get grumpy over it, but I think it's beautiful. Fascinating. Eerie.

I've been working on my website, checking links, rewriting, finishing some pages, and Lo! & Behold! & drat the luck, my server seems to have a communication malfunction, and doesn't want to talk to me. And then I began hearing REALLY obnoxious sounds from that workhorse computer, so I saved everything, and I shut the poor dear off. NOW it'll take me another half hour of futzing with the ratbastadge to make 'er boot up & open up her data banks. *sigh* I worked mostly on updating the photo galleries, where I have pictures and some background of the animals in my life. Can't upload them tho, not until I find out what the major malfunction in the Cyber World happens to be.

I have some candles burning in Honor of this, the shortest day of the year. My version of Yule Logs :~) only not as big, and safer.

It's time to fetch out the seed packets that we didn't plant last year and make plans for where they will be planted THIS year! I'm aiming for more companion planting this coming year.

Well, off to feed the Song Dogs. Then I believe I shall work on my latest quilt. I found my button box! & I have an IDEA! *giggles maniacally*

May the night be warm, may you have the time to just breathe the Season in. Indulge yourself in dreaming. Tomorrow will be a longer day! The first day towards the Spring! Bright Blessings!!



Kathy said...

Don't know if it's true, but I heard some intercontinental internet cable was down, and making internet traffic everywhere slow or non-existent.

Kat Wolfdancer said...

OH! If this is true, than it is certainly preferable to what I thought might have happened! My dear friend Ray hosts my website, and I worry about him. I have noticed incredibly slow connections throughout this past couple of days, and pegged it to the weather. If it's a transcontinental line, then there is hope for renewal! WEEEE! Thanks, Kathy! I'll go back to building pages after I get a couple more buttons in place. BOY this is going to be one warm quilt! WOWZER!