Monday, December 15, 2008

GBBD! December in the PNW

Yes, that's right, it's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day! Hosted by the indomitable, Unsinkable Carol at May Dreams where she is Dreaming of May Gardens.

I had to defrost, somewhat, before I could brave the environs of snow and frozen snow, and yet more frozen water molecules in order to get my poor wee fingers to cooperate. There actually ARE some hardy hold-outs from Summer's tender embrace!

Zygo Cactus. Not a real cacti at all, a succulent. And succulent it is! Juicy with color when we all need color in our lives, during these cold and freezy days.

Christmas Cactus. My house is so cold, I don't have to work at getting 'em to bloom.

The little violas that could! and does.

Another "annual" who doesn't believe it. This one is three years old. Gartenmeister Fuchsia.

Hardy Fuchsia just does not tell the tale.

The last wee crabapple off the tree I grafted. The fruits are yellow, and I really love my first grafted tree..

Dragon Wing Begonia is still going strong! Indoors, of course. OOOOPS! This be the Angel Wing Begonia. The Dragon Wing isn't bloomng, and doesn't have speckles! Silly me ! (Thanks Sue! You cottoned me to it!)

the annual Allysum who doesn't know it's an annual

Well, late, but on the right date, now I'm off to feed the Song Dogs and the Goats of War. Happy Gardening!!



Horselip's Horse Sense said...

Great post. I really like your writing style

Sue said...

I like your blooms. I grow angel wing begonias, but they may be dragon wings. I get them from plant sales put on by garden clubs or garage sales. I guess I did get a dragon wing at a lumber store, but it did not survive being brought indoors.

I read some of your other posts. I am new to blogging, and spending way too much time on the computer, so didn't allow myself the indulgence of reading all of this page, but read a lot of it. I am sorry for your loss.

As a girl, I was very close to my next door neighbor lady, who was either separated or divorced, and I don't remember if she said anything to me about having had a husband. When he died, I was a bit surprised she took it so hard.

I hope you can forgive his family for the way they've treated you.


Kat Wolfdancer said...

Thank you, Horselip, (I love the picture of you wrasslin' that jackalope) & Sue! I really appreciate both the sympathy & moral support, and the encouragement. Healing is easier when you know you're not alone. :~)


spookydragonfly said...

You know Kat, you do have your own flair of writing style....which I enjoy so much!

Carol said...

I came to see your blooms and read several other posts. I'm very sorry for your loss, and hope that you find healing at Wolfdancer Creek.

I also noted that you grafted your own crabapple tree. That is quite impressive!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Gail said...

You have way more blooms than I have and I am in zone 7! Way to go! I do hope you are experiencing some peace, I know it has been quite an ordeal for the past year. Take care of you. gail