Friday, December 19, 2008

Six Random Memes

OOOO goody a Gift! a Literary Challenge! no wait, a MNEUMONIC Challenge! I remember...

what? Who's that??? No, he's on first, Idon'tknow's on second.

Thank you Veg Plotting (OOO I can hear the plotting from here!) for the great idear....

1. First memory - My Step-Father throwing me up in the air. The room was dark, and he was tall. I remember being very afraid.

2. First book - The Wizard of Oz. My Grammy read it to me, in the room with all the crickets on the wallpaper. I would later carefully peel all the crickets off and put them in the book.

3. First kiss (not family) - My next door neighbor, a VERY handsome Hispanic boy, a twin. He would walk on his hands up on our concrete wall. I won't even GO there with the lecture I got for that kiss!

4. First gardening memory - Making the swimming pool into a strawberry patch with Grammy. Grammy had decided that having a swimming pool was too dangerous for precocious kidlets. Strawberries were not as dangerous.

5. First home grown vegetable - TOMATOES! YUMMY! OH wait, that's a fruit. So those came AFTER the strawberries. Must be ... lettuce see.... yesh, must be LETTUCE! (how corny of me)

6. First home grown fruit - strawberries, out of the swimming pool patch :~)



VP said...

Ho ho! You did take up the challenge! What a great six - and you know what? I made exactly the same mistake with the strawberries!

I love your cat story too.

Merry Christmas! :D

Kat Wolfdancer said...

I DID! It is time for remembering, and looking towards next season. I am ever the optimist. Merry Christmas! Happy Gardening! & thanks! *beam*